9 Important Cat Jobs That Kitties Take Seriously

Posted by Tori Holmes
Important cat jobs comic
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Do you recognize any of these very important jobs? If so, we'll bet you have a cat.

Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, the artists behind the creative studio Last Lemon, know a thing or two about what it takes to have a successful career as a cat. Actually, you could say that they know a thing or 52...

That is because the team at Last Lemon have put together a listicle of the 52 most important cat jobs that any cat owner will quickly recognize. Looking through this list, cat owners will see just how much work cats put into their jobs.

Your cat's day starts before you're even up, making sure that you don't sleep through your alarm.


From making sure your clothes are pressed and in order...


...to checking on things in the bathroom, your cat is there to make sure your day gets off on the right foot.


Once they know you're showered and dressed, they'll be the first to make sure you're eating the right breakfast to get you through your morning.


While you're off at work, you cat will take care of things around the house.


Once you're home, your cat will make sure you that stick to that gym routine you committed to...


...before you can watch your cat-approved television shows.

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If you're feeling a little down, your cat is always there to boost your morale.


And at the end of the day, your cat will always make sure that your pillows are in excellent sleeping condition.


As you can see, a cat's workday never ends. We hope you appreciate all of these important cat jobs your feline does for your benefit!

To see the full list of all 52 jobs you cat undertakes, every day, visit the Last Lemon website.

Keep up the good work kitties--we appreciate your commitment to your jobs!

Tell us your cat's chief job in the comments below!

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9 Important Cat Jobs That Kitties Take Seriously