9 Bunnies Around the Globe Ready for International Rabbit Day

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Celebrate bunnies on September 24 for International Rabbit Day!

You can hippity hop all day long on September 24 and get away with it because it's International Rabbit Day! All around the globe, rabbits get a day just for them.

Bunnies aren't just family members in the U.S. In fact, they have their own island and cafe in Japan.

Check out this montage of worldly bunnies being their adorable, fluffy selves.

"Bluebonnets and bunnies go together like rabbits and carrots."

"I will go with you to Machu Picchu."

Maybe ill bring another one home... Lol #bunny #bunnylove #rabbits #rabbitsofinstagram #rabbitsofperu #lima #peru

A photo posted by Cynthia Paredes (@city0fcyn) on

"I need lots of shade in the Land Down Under."

"I had too much tequila in Puerto Vallarta."

Sun bathing #Diva #Bunny #BunniesOfMexico #UselessHashtags #BlancaWhite

A photo posted by Lili Maldonado (@lilianaeodora) on

"They say you can eat dandelions, eh?"

"The London Tube is my main mode of transit."

"Kickin' it back in Bangkok."

I miss hiding you from Nuan #tbt #loveyoumeanit #bunniesofbangkok #hollaifyoucostthreedolla

A photo posted by Kaela (@kmgrealish) on

"I live the real island life."

#rabbitsofbali ?????

A photo posted by Natalie Davis (@ewingfarm) on

"When that Florida heat got you beat."

#Sherbie ?? OH HAI FRENNS

A photo posted by ??Sherbie...??Bella (@bunchipig) on

Bunny cuteness is just too much sometimes!

Rabbits range from floppy-eared to fuzzy--and from Mexico to Thailand. One thing all rabbits have in common is their ability to steal our hearts!

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9 Bunnies Around the Globe Ready for International Rabbit Day