9 Awesome Horse Grooming Tips

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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If you want to do a better, more efficient job of grooming your horse, then you have to check out these nine awesome horse grooming tips.

You put a lot of effort into grooming your horse, but does it really have to be so hard? Nope!

We have some awesome horse grooming tips which will save you time, create a better end effect, and make grooming your horse easier.

Use Baby Wipes

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There are countless grooming uses for baby wipes. They're excellent for wiping out your horse's nostrils or cleaning around his dock.

Always keep a pack of baby wipes in your grooming tote and in your show prep kit.

Add Baby Powder to Bring Out Whites

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To really bring out the whites in your horse's socks, rub in baby powder or corn starch before heading to the show ring.

If your horse is a grey and has light manure stains, you can use baby powder to help cover them up.

Put Horse Shampoo in Pump Bottles


Pour your horse shampoo into pump bottles to make it easier to handle during baths. This method also reduces waste.

Use Hoof Dressing to Make Hoof Cleaning Easier

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Tired of digging compacted mud, dirt, and snow out of your horse's hooves? Paint your horse's soles with hoof dressing before turning him out.

The dressing will make the surface slicker, reducing the amount of buildup in your horse's hooves.

Sweat Scrape Off the Suds

bcgrote via Flickr.com

When you're bathing your horse, it can take quite a while to rinse out all of the excess shampoo. Before you go to rinse your horse, run your sweat scraper over his body to take off excess suds.

You'll spend less time rinsing and will use less water, too.

Make Chestnut Picking Easier

Kai Hendry via Flickr.com

Are your horse's chestnuts huge but hard as a rock? Rub Vaseline over the chestnuts and leave it for a few hours.

The Vaseline will soften up the chestnuts so that you can easily remove them.

Disinfect Your Brushes

Clemens v. Vogelsang via Flickr.com

Your grooming brushes get a lot of use, and they can easily pick up germs. Make sure to disinfect your brushes regularly so that you don't transfer diseases - particularly skin diseases - to your horse.

Remove all of the hair from the brushes and wash them with a dish detergent. Then, submerge them in Lysol diluted with water. Let them dry completely.

Use a Soft Sponge for Bathing

Bryan Siders via Flickr.com

Soft sponges aren't only more comfortable to use, they actually hold more water. This can make for a more effective and faster bath for your horse.

Condition Before Clipping

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Neil McIntosh via Flickr.com

Before clipping your horse, spray a quality body conditioner over him. The conditioner lets the clippers smoothly slide through his hair, creating a neat and even clip.

What are some of your favorite horse grooming tips? We'd love to hear them.

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9 Awesome Horse Grooming Tips