9 Animals You Didn't Know You Could See at a Farm

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Have you ever heard of a camel farm? Get ready, because it exists, along with yak farms.

It's normal to see cows, chickens, goats, pigs and horses on a farm. Some farms, though, have opened their gates to exotic animals.

Whether raised strictly as pets or grown for meat, milk, plumage, or wool, farms around the globe are dedicated to raising a number of unusual domesticated livestock, animals that most of us are not familiar with lurking behind the barn door.

Here is a list of some exotic animals found on private farms around the country and the world:

 1. Emu


Emu are bred for their feathers and meat. The large green eggs can be consumed, too.

 2. Llama


Do you know your llama from your alpaca? Camelids are a hot commodity on farms these days.

 3. Alpaca


As herd animals with fibrous coats, alpaca farms don't seem all that strange when you think about it.

 4. Turkey


Of course, every one knows about turkey farms come Thanksgiving, but they are a year-round commitment.

 5. Camel


Cousins to llamas and alpacas, these humped individuals are a unique sight on the farm. Their milk is a staple in desert countries!

 6. Yak


Yak are raised for meat, just like cattle.

 7. Buffalo/Bison


Cattle farms have competition with costly bison and buffalo to contend with.

8. Peacock


These beautifully plumaged fowl hang out in trees and cat call each other, something many people don't expect when walking through a peacock farm.

 9. Reindeer


Reindeer are the domesticated version of caribou, showcasing slight differences in stature and temperament. They aren't always in groups on farms. Some people have lone reindeer as pets, too.

The barnyard would definitely be different with any of these animals running around! Exotic farms can specialize in raising one species or they can be home to a number of exotics, giving the vibe of a free-range zoo.

Nevermind a horse staring at you through the kitchen window. How about coming face to face with a yak!

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9 Animals You Didn't Know You Could See at a Farm