83-Year-Old Cattlewoman Says Horses are Less Trouble than Men

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This 83-year-old woman is amazing. (The original Facebook post was from 2017 so she's now an 85-year-old woman still riding I'm sure of it. BackRoads is an Australian television program and the show this woman is featured in travels Australia's backroads visiting remote areas and sharing remarkable, inspiring stories of regular, hardworking folk.).

Meet Joan Sinclair. She lives in Corryong in north-eastern Victoria, Australia. 

This lady remembers riding horses to school! She loves riding and says it's better than walking. Well, we agree. She doesn't get lonely and refers to the horses she rides every day as her mates.

Horse Spirit and Women of Age Riding Horses tells us that this cattlewoman is still riding and mustering cattle in the bush at 83-years-old.

Check this out.

"She has married and buried two husbands, and when asked about her current relationship (with her two horses) Joan says, 'they're a lot less trouble than men'."

She still rides horses on the same ranch that she's lived on her entire life. 

83yo Joan Sinclair is still in the saddle

Meet Joan Sinclair. She is one of the best horse and cattlewomen in the High Country and at the age of 83, she is still at it. #BackRoads #Victoriaab.co/backroads

Posted by ABC Rural on Sunday, November 26, 2017

She doesn't consider any of this special it's just what she loves doing!

Will you be living out your passion at 83-years-old? I hope I will be and that I'm in good enough shape to keep up with all the dogs I plan on living with.

Joan Sinclair is the toughest 83-year-old cattlewoman alive today!

What kind of gear may this woman enjoy having for her horse rides? She may enjoy the Weaver Leather Trail Gear Saddle Bag. Just in case readers are into this story and hope to ride well into their 80s we thought it was worth including. 

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83-Year-Old Cattlewoman Says Horses are Less Trouble than Men