8 Strange Baby Animal Terms, Like Poult

Posted by Allie Layos

They may not seem like it, but these terms are real.

Everyone knows that puppies are baby dogs and kittens are baby cats, but there is a term for the young of almost every animal, even the unconventional ones.

Here are eight terms -- some strange and some funny -- but all of them just a bit unusual.


It may sound like the name of a Pokemon, but polliwog is actually the term for baby frogs prior to the tadpole stage.


Guinea fowl are a bit strange in their own right, and the name for their young is even stranger.



This broad term applies to both baby llamas and alpacas. People already confuse the two, so why not call them the same thing?


Everyone knows the term piglet, but piglet only applies to the youngest of pigs; after the earliest stage, they become shoats.



Sure this is a term for young humans, but it's also the term for baby goats.

They are just as much trouble and just as much fun; is it really any surprise they share the same name?


With just at touch of irony, a baby fish is called a fry. Maybe someone should rethink that...


A young chicken may be called a chick, but young turkeys, though similar in nature, are called by this very different name.


This name for baby rats is used mainly for those that are going to end up as snake food, but it's a term for baby rats all the same.


There are many more names for young animals that haven't been covered here, but if you're aiming to both impress and confuse people, this list is a great start.

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8 Strange Baby Animal Terms, Like Poult