8 Reasons Why Quarter Horses Are Awesome

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you've ever ridden a Quarter Horse, then you have to admit that this breed is hard to beat.

There's something about the Quarter Horse that makes you fall in love with the breed. Whether it's their spirit, their striking beauty, or their incredible athleticism, the Quarter Horse is a breed that is second to none.

Whether you already love the Quarter Horse or aren't yet quite convinced about this amazing breed, here are eight reasons why Quarter Horses are awesome.

8. Quarter Horses Are Part of American History

Travel Salem via Flickr

When you ride a Quarter Horse, you're riding a true American breed. The breed began to emerge as early as the 1700s, and today's Quarter Horses' bloodlines are rich with the names of famous sires, from King to Impressive to Go Man Go.

7. Quarter Horses Are Athletic

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Whether you're sorting cattle, running barrels, or jumping fences, the Quarter Horse's athleticism means that this breed is up to the task.

Quarter Horses are known for their endurance and their speed. The Quarter Horse is, after all, the fastest horse in the world for a quarter of a mile.

6. Quarter Horses Are Intelligent

Greg Westfall via Flickr

You won't find many horses more intelligent than the Quarter Horse. The Quarter Horse is smart, trainable, and a fast learner.

They're great partners if you're looking for an intelligent horse with a brain of its own.

5. Quarter Horses Are Versatile

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The Quarter Horse is one of the most versatile horse breeds out there. Quarter Horses excel in many different disciplines, and a single horse can successfully cross over between disciplines.

Western pleasure, English pleasure, versatility, trail riding, jumping, barrel racing, cow cutting, gymkhana, and racing are just a few of the areas in which the Quarter Horse is known to excel.

4. Quarter Horses Have Heart

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When you're working with a good Quarter Horse, you will know that the horse has true heart.

Quarter Horses will try their hardest for their riders, and these horses will keep on going when they're hot, tired, and quitting would be easier.

3. Quarter Horses Are Sensible

Travel Salem via Flickr

Quarter Horses are known for their excellent, sensible temperaments. Generally, Quarter Horses are not reactive, making them safe and dependable mounts.

Whether you're heading into the show ring or are working out on the ranch, you're sure to appreciate the Quarter Horse's sensibility.

2. Quarter Horses Are Beautiful

Five Furlongs via Flickr

You can't deny the fact that Quarter Horses are beautiful. With their muscled, chiseled bodies and sculpted heads, Quarter Horses have a breathtaking, impressive appearance.

1. Quarter Horses Are Talented

Becker1999 via Flickr

Quarter Horses are highly talented. If you've ever watched a Quarter Horse cut cattle or negotiate a trail course, you will already be familiar with the incredible talents of this versatile breed.

These are just a few of the many reasons to love and ride a Quarter Horse. If you're interested in learning more about this fascinating breed, then be sure to visit the American Quarter Horse Association's website. If you own a Quarter Horse, you can become an American Quarter Horse Association member to receive extra information and perks from the association. And don't forget to look into local Quarter Horse clubs and registries.

Owning and riding a Quarter Horse can be a rewarding, satisfying experience. Quarter Horses make incredible partners, and on the back of a Quarter Horse you can do just about anything.

Do you have a Quarter Horse? Show us in the comments below!

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8 Reasons Why Quarter Horses Are Awesome