8 Pets Nailing the Cheerios Challenge

Posted by Stacey Venzel

The Cheerios Challenge isn't just for babies... or humans.

Dads have taken to tweeting and Instagramming photos of their sleeping baby with a tower of Cheerios stacked atop the child's head. It's been dubbed the Cheerios Challenge, and social media is aflutter with it.

But pets have started catching on, too. Forerunner Scout of "Stuff on Scout's Head" has already shown us the balancing skills of a pit bull. Owners have taken the competition a step further, meticulously aligning the cereal O's on top of reptiles and arachnids, too.

Check out these competitors in the #CheeriosChallenge:

This baby alligator is stoked about his cereal achievement.

#lol #youniquemakeup #funny #cherrioseverywhere #cheerioschallenge #newchallenge #stillababy

A photo posted by Julia Pitt (@youniqueuk_julia) on

Even eight-legged competitors can join in the challenge.

#CheeriosChallenge on my Tarantula ✌

A photo posted by yousef arafeh (@yousefarafeh99) on

Bearded participants are also welcome.

#dragonsofinstagram #cheerioschallenge #beardeddragon

A photo posted by Bean (@joeybean858) on

Chicken embryos are nailing the competition.

Some pets have tried to compromise with whatever's in the cupboard.

????????????呀朱貓 多左陣朱古力味???????????? #cheerioschallenge

A photo posted by Raymond (@hihisowaiman) on

This Gecko likes to eat his leaning tower of Cheerios after the photo shoot.

Liz winning at the #cheerios challenge #lizard #gecko #crestie #cereal #honey #cheerioschallenge #mess

A photo posted by Danielle Bett (@danielleebett) on

This Frenchie would not stand for any crumbs on his forehead.

Snakes are great at the acrobatic act, too!

We're still waiting for more barnyard friends to master the game. Do you have a horse, pig, or goat who has the patience to sit still for the Cheerios Challenge? Or how about a rodent? We'd love to see some guinea pigs and mice showing off their skills--though they'd be like the gecko and undoubtedly eat the cereal snack. Can a hedgehog master the challenge?

How about our aquatic friends, such as a turtle or a frog? If you get your pet fish to participate, you're a winner in our book.

Share photos of your cereal-stacking pet with us and the animal world using the hashtags #CheeriosChallenge and #WideOpenPets. We can't wait to see what your pets have in store for us!

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8 Pets Nailing the Cheerios Challenge