8 Household Additions for Your Average Equine Nut

Posted by Allie Layos

Your love of all things equine doesn't have to begin and end at the barn. 

Your significant other may joke that you "live at the barn," but even equestrians have a home just like everyone else. Still, that doesn't mean when you go there you have to leave your love of horses behind.

There is a wide range of equestrian-themed items to choose from. From pillows to glassware, you can keep your beloved horses around you at all times with these must-have household items.

These elegant jumper book ends add a splash of equestrianism to any bookshelf!

The Outside Course

Add some light and a bit of equine charm to your room with this horse-themed lamp.

Horse & Hound Gallery

On the bed or couch, this horse pillow just oozes equestrian charm.


Take it up another notch with this complete horse bedding set.


Immortalize your favorite horse moments in one of these horseshoe photo frames.

Horses, Cowboys & Indians

Even your bathroom deserves some horsey flair; this curb bit toilet paper holder does the trick just right.

Pinterest/Rebecca White

Relax after a long day at the barn while enjoying some wine in these hand-painted wine glasses.

The Equine Chronicle

Raising a budding equestrian? This horse-themed mobile is the perfect way to introduce them to your passion early.

Velvet Rider

There are countless equestrian items to choose from, so go wild and show your equestrian love with pride!

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