8 Horsey Holiday Gifts for the Equestrian in Your Life

Posted by Allie Layos
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It can be hard to shop for an equestrian if you're not a horse person yourself.

If you're struggling to find the right present for the equestrian in your life, here are eight perfect gift ideas that any horse lover would be thrilled to receive.

1. A portrait (of their horse).

Horse portrait
Sarah's Pet Portraits

Horse owners are very sentimental about their horses. At one time or another, most have dreamed of commissioning a painting or drawing of their horse to hang above the mantle or in some other prominent location in the house. Because of the price tag, however, many have never been able to make this wall art happen.

If it's in your budget to do so, a horse portrait is a great sentimental gift for an equestrian.

2. A photo shoot (also of their horse).

Girl kissing grey horse
Sophie Callahan Photography

While most equestrians have cell phones filled with pictures of their horses, few have professional photos, unless they were taken at a horse show. Hire a professional photographer to come to the barn and capture those special "at home" moments and your gift will be a hit.

3. A video montage (you guessed it...of their horse).


If you have some basic video editing skills, collect some video clips of the equestrian and their horse, choose some background music that tells their story, and burn it to a DVD that they can watch over and over again. This thoughtful, low-cost gift is sure to become a cherished possession.

4. A gift certificate for tack.

Tack shop
Bingo's Saddle Shop

While some people believe gift certificates or gift cards to be a bit impersonal, equestrians love them. Unless you know the exact item, size, and color of tack they need, a gift card to their favorite horse tack shop is definitely the way to go.

Every equestrian has at least one item, from saddle pads to breast collars to muck boots, they've had their eye on for a while but haven't purchased because they felt bad spending the money. With a gift card, they can go buy it, guilt free!

5. A subscription to their favorite horse magazine.

Horse magazine
Horse And Hound

When it comes to horses you can never know everything. Good equestrians recognize this and strive to be continual learners. While they learn first and foremost from their horses, they also learn a lot through reading.

From general magazines like Equus and Horse Illustrated to breed and discipline ones like Saddle & Bridle, Western Horseman, and Dressage Today, there are dozens of great horse magazines out there. A year's subscription to their favorite makes a great gift; they will appreciate you helping them in their quest to be the best rider they can be.

A single magazine could also make for a great stocking stuffer!

6. A meet-and-greet with their favorite trainer or rider.

Man with horses in background

Every equestrian has a favorite trainer or rider they idolize. Though they may walk past them at a horse show, chances are that they have never had the courage to walk up and speak to this person. Chances are also that the person is very down to earth and humble, and would be happy to talk to them if they did. Find out who that person is, and set up a meet-and-greet. Make sure to have cameras on hand to record the excitement.

7. Help pay for a show bill.


There's no way around it - horse showing is expensive. If you know that the equestrian in your life would like to travel to a specific horse show but doesn't have the money, covering the hauling fee or stall fee is an excellent present and a great way to help them achieve their dreams.

8. A riding vacation.

Group riding on beach
Sea Island

Even horse people like to take vacations, but their favorite kind of vacations still involve horses. From desert rides to African safaris to fox hunts, great horseback riding vacations can be found all over the world. Though riding vacations are pricey, they make for exciting, one-of-a-kind gifts. Better yet, join the equestrian on the trip so they can share their love of horses with you!


Some other good ideas include a special edition Breyer model, horse jewelry, horse art or other home decor, Christmas ornaments, or a Western saddle (we are currently giving one away!).

If you can't gift a horse this holiday season, these eight horse lover gift ideas aren't far behind. Any of them is bound to thrill the horse lover in your life.

Know of any other horse-related holiday gifts? Share your ideas below.

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8 Horsey Holiday Gifts for the Equestrian in Your Life