8 Goat Products That Show You Love Those Silly Farm Friends

Posted by Ashley McElmurry

Goats are the greatest of all time! See what I did there?

It's no surprise that the term GOAT has been making its rounds in the media. Now an acronym for "Greatest of All Time," the word has taken on a whole new meaning. However, can we get back to the basis of what the word really is?

The goat is our beloved farm friend that we can't get enough of. And while some have added a whole new meaning to the name, we are going to pay tribute to the real greatest of all time, right?

Below we have a list that any goat lover will enjoy. Get yourself a mug or even a tote that shows how proud you are to love the goofy friends of ours!

1.  Anatomy of a Goat Cushion Case

goat pillow
Accurate and necessary.

This pillow case teaches us a funny thing or two about the anatomy of the goat and it's only $4.59.

2. Buffy Baby Goat

stuffed goat

This is just too cute to not want to squeeze until the end of time.

Get this adorable stuffed baby goat for just $9.99.

3. Totes M'Goats - Natural Cotton Canvas Tote Bag 

goats canvas bag
Like totes, right?

Get this adorable bag to use when grocery shopping or out at the farmer's market for just $13.99.

4. GOAT LOVER Street Sign

goat lover street sign
Plain and simple.

This goat lover street sign is heading in the right direction and it's only $8.99.

5. I Am 2 Goats Past Normal Goat Farm Mug

goats coffee mug
Who wants to be normal anyway?

This funny mug is so accurate it hurts and it's only $13.99.

6. Goats Adult Coloring Book

goat coloring book
This coloring book lets you color tons of images of goats while also relieving stress and it only costs $9.99.

7. I Love Goat Women Socks

goat socks
How adorable are the socks?

Plain and simple, these socks say it all and they are only $5.99.

8. Funny Goat Mug

goat coffee mug
Whatever floats your goat, dude!

Get this hilarious 11-ounce mug for just $12.96.

Get yourself the greatest goat trinkets of all time by shopping this list. I promise you won't regret treating yourself to some adorable items that show how much you love your funny farm friends!

Love what you see? Tell us in the comments below!

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8 Goat Products That Show You Love Those Silly Farm Friends