8 Gifts for the Greyhound Lover in Your Life

Posted by Amber King
gifts for greyhound lovers
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Incredibly fast and surprisingly mellow, Greyhounds are a favorite breed for countless dog owners.

Like any dog owner, the Greyhound owner in your life likes to show off how much they love their dog. From the background on their phone to the haphazard array of dog toys throughout their house, they're not afraid to advertise who they are.

Some may call it an obsession, but they see it as the perfect way to express themselves. Whether you're the biggest Greyhound lover you know or you're shopping for a friend, these eight dog-themed gift ideas should already be on your list of must-haves.

1.  A Dog's Prayer Cellphone Case

greyhound cellphone case
Angela Rath

The poem "A Dog's Prayer" speaks to the heart of every dog lover. It's your daily reminder of what matters most, and purchasing this cellphone case will benefit more than your phone. Shop owner Angela Rath told Wide Open Pets:

"I have four Italian Greyhounds who were rescues so funding rescue efforts is important to me. A donation is made to an animal rescue group of my choosing (typically Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation/IGRF) when someone purchases something from my 'Help Support Animal Rescue' gallery."

2. Greyhound Poster

greyhound poster
Angela Rath

Angela's shop includes portraits of her dogs that she's turned into works of art. This Greyhound poster can be ordered as a canvas, acrylic print, metal print, or wood print. And like all of Angela's "Help Support Animal Rescue" products, you know your purchase is going directly toward an organization that loves Greyhounds as much as you do.

3. Greyhound Mug

greyhound mug

If you or a friend believes in the saying, "All you need is love and a Greyhound," this mug is a cute way to start your morning. It's handmade to order, and the shop also caters to other breeds so you can shop for all your dog-loving friends at the same time.

4. Greyhound Bangle

greyhound bangle

Wear your heart on your wrist with jewelry dedicated to your best friend. The Greyhound and heart-shaped best friend charms are lead and nickel-free and made from high-quality stainless steel. The bangle is made so it can be fitted to a specific size, but availability is limited. Don't wait to start shopping.

5. Patronus T-Shirt

greyhound harry potter t-shirt
Blue Fox Clothing

Harry Potter fans will appreciate this fun, nerdy t-shirt. Harry has his stag, and Greyhound owners have their faithful dogs. The t-shirt is comfortable and affordable, and the best part is you can show off your love for the wizarding world and your dog at the same time.

6. Greyhound Pillow

greyhound pillow

Both humans and dogs will appreciate this microfiber twill pillow. It comes in six different colors, so there's no way to say it doesn't match your decor. It'll be the comfiest new addition to your couch, but no pillow can replace a good Greyhound snuggle session.

7. Luxury Shopping Bag

shopping bag with greyhound on it
Ginergoo Store

Made by a dog lover for dog lovers, this 40 cm jute bag features the sleek silhouette of the fastest dog breed. The handles are padded for serious shopping, and the inside is specially coated to protect it from wetness. It's basically built for visiting farmer's markets with your dog.

8. Greyhound Necklace

greyhound necklace
Two Gulls Flying

Dog owners always keep their best friends close to their hearts. Whether you want to help your friend honor a pet that passed away or pay tribute to the dog you recently rescued, a silver plated pendant necklace is a good way to do it. There's also the option to engrave a letter to make it more personal.

Do you have any Greyhound lovers in your life? Let us know in the comments.

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8 Gifts for the Greyhound Lover in Your Life