8 Fuzzy Chicken Buns Because They're the Best Part

Posted by Samantha Bubar

The best part of chickens is their fluffy butts. 

Check out these fuzzy chicken buns, guaranteed to make you smile!

Even if it's a Monday.

1. Stop showing off, Debra. 

Just because your tail feathers are a bit more glossy...


2. So much fluff, so little time.

But don't worry, there's enough to go around!

Frizzled Feathers Farm
Frizzled Feathers Farm

3. A couple of teeny tiny baby fuzz butts.

Just learning how to embrace their full fluff potential.

Heather Bullard

4. Nothing says fabulous like a butt with this much fluff.

Go on, shake those tail feathers!


5. A fuzzy chicken bun parade!

I want to go wherever this fluffy entourage is going. Probably to do top-secret chicken stuff.


6. Woah, this fluff means business.

With looks that regal, and buns that fluffy- you know he's the boss.


7. Whose buns are you lookin' at?!

If looks could kill... we would all be admiring this fluff from the grave.


8. The most well-manicured fluff buns award goes to...

Seriously, not only is the fluff-o-meter off the charts, but it's so well fluffed, too.

Blue Ridge Pet Center
Blue Ridge Pet Center

Whatever the level of fuzz, chicken buns are the fuzziest!

Show us your chicken buns in the comments below!

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8 Fuzzy Chicken Buns Because They're the Best Part