8 Examples of the Newest Paw Print Tattoo Trend You're Sure to Love

Posted by Amber King
paw print tattoos
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Tattoos of paw prints are nothing new, but the ink on these devoted dog owners is anything but average.

Having the chance to love a dog is something that should be honored and celebrated in a personal way.

While you cherish the time you spend with your dog, you know their paw prints will remain on your heart long after you're forced to say goodbye. Dog lovers know one furry face can make a huge impact on life, and the newest tattoo trend is immortalizing that connection.

Instead of the classic dog paw print shape with the perfectly rounded pads and symmetrical lines, some tattooed dog owners are choosing a more sentimental option.

Armed with paint or ink, they're taking actual prints of their pet's paws and turning them into tattoos. Sometimes there's splatter and they're almost never straight, but the imperfection makes these tattoo designs much more meaningful.

Here are a few of the best examples of paw print tattoos.

1. Perfectly Imperfect Dog Print Tattoo

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2. Gone But Not Forgotten

3. Beautiful Watercolors

4. Multiple Paws for Multiple Pets

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5. A Memorial for a Friend

6. Every Paw is Unique

7. Original Artwork

8. Best Friends Forever

Whether you want to immortalize a beloved pet that passed away or celebrate life with a current companion, a paw print tattoo is a beautiful symbol of your devotion.

If you're interested in getting your own dog paw print tattoo, start by making a print of your furry friend's actual paw using an ink pad or paint. Then research different tattoo styles, like colorful paw prints, and choose the one that best matches your personality and reminds you of the special bond between you and your best friend. Head to a reputable tattoo artist and get inked!

And remember that this paw print tattoo idea isn't exclusive to dogs, people get their cat paw print as a small tattoo too!

Do you have an original paw print tattoo? Post a pic in the comments!


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8 Examples of the Newest Paw Print Tattoo Trend You're Sure to Love