8 DIY Cute and Functional Small Chicken Coop Plans

Posted by Daphne Cybele
small chicken coop plans
Photo and coop plan by Backyard Chickens member Trictle

Build your own cute, functional coop with these DIY plans!

Whether you are a new chicken owner who needs a coop to start your backyard chicken flock, or you need a second small chicken coop to add to your flock, look through these eight cute and functional small chicken coop plans for the DIY small chicken coop of your dreams.

We even included a free plan for a portable coop, also known as a chicken tractor.

The small chicken coop designs on this list are designed to hold four to seven chickens (some only four, some up to seven). With coops this small, you will need to let your chickens free range a bit or provide a spacious outdoor chicken run so they aren't always "cooped up." If you plan to own more chickens, we'll have a future post on medium and large chicken coops.

Remember, a really good, functional chicken coop for your backyard hens is predator proof with a chicken door and well ventilated; there is easy access to clean and collect fresh eggs, the right amount of coop space and roosting bar space, and there are enough nesting boxes, made of non-toxic materials, for the number of chickens you have. Read our backyard chicken coop checklist to really make sure you cover it all.

Here are some chicken home improvement ideas that each come with an extensive materials list!

1. Tiny Cottage Coop for 2-3 Chickens

best small chicken coop plan
Photo and coop plan by Backyard Chickens member Trictle

2. Super Cute Small Chicken Coop Plan Based on Williams Sonoma Coop for 2-3 Chickens

small chicken coop plan
Photo and detailed coop plans: Ana-White.com

3. Modern and Mobile "Stagecoach" Chicken Tractor Plans ($) for 3-4 Chickens

small chicken tractor plans
Photo and plans from Chicken Mobile Stage Coach

READ MORELearn About the Moveable Chicken Coop

4. Tucked on the Garage DIY A-Frame Chicken Coop Plan for 4-5 Chickens

small chicken coop plans
Photo and chicken coop plans from Backyard Chickens member rpchris

5. Mini Coop for 5 Chickens (good urban chicken coop)

best small chicken coop
Infographic from The Tangled Nest
best small DIY coop plans
Image and coop plans: The Tangled Nest

6. Versatile Coop & Run for 4-5 Chickens

small chicken coop plans
Image and coop plans from Backyard Chickens member LittleFeat

7. Mini Barn Wooden Chicken Coop for 4-6 Chickens

small DIY chicken coop plan
Photo and plans from Instructables member Robbtoberfest

8. Small Palace Chicken Coop Plan for 5-7 Chickens

small chicken coop plan
Photo and plans from Steamy Kitchen
small coop plan
Another version of the Palace coop, photo from Morning Chores

Points for Style

We also like the following backyard chicken coops, but they don't have material lists or plans. There are some good hen house ideas here, but you'll have to "wing" it in building. In comparison, the good chicken coops listed above have much more detailed plans.

Check these three bonus coops and don't forget to add an outdoor run with protective chicken wire or hardware cloth.

beautiful small chicken coop
A modification of the Palace Coop (#8)? Photo: Backyard Chickens member 8MerryHens
beautiful small chicken coop
Dream Coop by Backyard Chickens member Consdrss
beautiful small chicken coop
Photo: Backyard Chickens member Bluebetweens

Do you have a favorite DIY chicken coop plan? Let us know in the comments below!

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