8 Cute Rabbit-Themed Products for the Bunny Obsessed

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
bunny pot and egg

Down the rabbit hole we go! 

Just because Easter is over, that doesn't mean bunny fever has been cured. Around this time of year, everything is adorned with rabbit ears and eggs for all to enjoy. But what about the people who just love bunnies?

Crazy cat ladies are very common so the term gets overused. However, we wanted to show our love to the bunny parents out there. These adorable rabbit trinkets are sure to make your wallet and you, very hoppy. I mean, happy.

1. Ceramic Cheese Plates Cupcake Stand

bunny tray


This bunny platter will give you the perfect excuse to bake something sweet.

Get it now for $28.00.

2. Rabbit Wooden Universal Smart Phone Stand 

cell phone holder


This rabbit phone stand is not only helpful but super cute.

And it's only $5.99.

3. Kotobuki Crayon Mug

bunny coffee cupSip some delicious coffee with this delicate ceramic bunny coffee mug for just $15.00.

4. Umbra Anigram Ring Holder

bronze bunny ring holderRing holders are I must; I think I preach that daily. They are even cuter when they are in the shape of a rabbit!

Shop this now for just $10.47.

5. Mud Pie Ceramic Easter Bunny Pot

bunny honey jarEnjoy something sweet out of this honey jar. The ears lift up and reveal a honey dipper attached on the end so you can drizzle just the right amount over your desired food.

Shop this for your kitchen for just $20.00.

6. Outtop Silicone Egg Mold Ring Bunny Rabbit Shaper 

egg cuttersBreakfast just got super exciting with this egg-cooking tool. Crack an egg and watch it turn into the shape of this bunny!

Perfect for kids and adults too, and it only sets you back $2.96.

7. Longzang Cute Animals Silicone Mold 

cake mold


The best thing to come around since peeps.

Make your own bunny-shaped treats for just $5.98.

8. Qualy Desk Bunny Scissors and Magnetic Carrot with Paper Clips 

bunny office supply kit


Can't seem to find the scissors? That's because they are bunny ears!

Get this adorable paperclip and scissor set for your desk for just $31.99.

Like I said, accessorizing your life with bunny-themed items doesn't have to end just because Easter is over. The real obsession has only just begun.

Are you the proud owner of a bunny? Tell us in the comments below!


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8 Cute Rabbit-Themed Products for the Bunny Obsessed