8 Cat-Themed Gifts He Wants for Feline Father's Day

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
cat dad

This one is for all the feline fathers!

We can't forget about gift ideas for the sweet cat dads this Father's Day. While cats are notoriously known for being a little standoffish, cat owners know they just need food and then it's all cuddles from there.

Cat dads know this the best which is why we've curated a list of awesome gifts for all of the cat lovers out there. From hilarious and relatable cat poems to amazing shot glasses, items from this list are sure to make any cat dad chuckle.

Take a look below at these cat accessories you can get from Amazon and make sure you get your cat-loving friend something he deserves!

1.  Best Cat Dad Ever Cup 

cat mug

Show the haters what's up with this funny cat dad mug for just $13.99.

2. The Catfather Shirt

cat t shirt
That cat looks far better than the original.

This black cat shirt is perfect for the kitty cat and Godfather lover and it's just $13.95.

3. Star Trek Cats

star trek cats

We love this amazing book here at Wide Open Pets.

Get this for the Star Trek-loving cat dad for just $8.19 in hardcover or $7.99 on the Kindle.

4. Men's Fun Cats Cotton Crew Socks 3-Pack

Get him going to work in style with these adorable cat socks for just $8.99.

 5. Blobby Cat Mug 

cat mug
If only cats could talk, they would definitely surprise you!

Get this cute coffee mug for just $9.41.

6. Cat Dad Paw Print Magnet

cat magnet
Nothing to brag about here, I'm just going to put this on every magnetic surface I can find.

Get one for the cat dad you love for just $2.99.

7. Cat Shot Glass 

shot glasses
A more wild version of the coffee mug, this pair of shot glasses is perfect for any cat person and they are only $18.95.

8. I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

cat poem book

This book is a hilarious take on what cats would say if they could speak and it's insanely accurate. The receiver of this great gift will be laughing at the edge of their seats when they get their hands on this.

Pet lovers can snag a copy right now for just $7.91 in hardcover or $7.51 on the Kindle.

There's so much cat decor and cat gifts out there that would make any crazy cat lady erm... man, happy as can be! Some honorable mention gifts include a cat pillow, a cat iPhone case, cat keychain, cat art, and some cat ears (maybe for Halloween). These are some unique gifts that the ol' cat dad won't be forgetting any time soon.

Make shopping for Father's Day so much easier by using this helpful cat lover gift guide! It's basically like Christmas come early!

Do you have any special plans for Feline Father's Day? What's your idea of a purrfect gift? Tell us in the comments below!

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8 Cat-Themed Gifts He Wants for Feline Father's Day