8 Best Cat Stories, Info, and Advice of 2017

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Cats ruled the year!

For our eighth installment in the 12 Top Stories of 2017, we bring you the cats that dominated the year. These meow meows had us smiling, cooing, and crying at our screens with their stories of survival, information about their species, and by just being adorable.

Also making the list of top cat posts on Wide Open Pets, are some good tips and advice on how to care for your feline friend.

Here are our best cat stories of 2017.

8. 10 Houseplants Safe for Cats


Our readers were very interested in what kinds of houseplants were safe for their cats. Many people don't know that certain flowers can be toxic, and often deadly, to their cats.

To see the list of safe plants for your home, go here.

7. Siamese Cat Coloration

Cute siamese cat on a summer green grass

Siamaese cats are known for their unique coloring, their "points" of black on their ears, paws, and face. Our readers were excited to learn about this coloring and the different kinds seen in the Siamese cat breed.

Learn about seal points, blue points, lilac points, chocolate points, and more here.

6. Fat Cat Learns to Swim


Holly the cat had to lose some weight, so she learned to swim! When a local newscaster reported on Holly's aquatic endeavors, she just couldn't keep it together.

Watch this funny news report and cheer Holly on in her weight loss regiment here.

5. Fat Cat and Mini Horse

fat cat

Everyone loved seeing this cute duo make friends.

Watch this fuzzy mini horse and big farm cat here if you missed it over the year.

4. Cat and Rescue Lamb

lamb and kitten

A little lamb and a kitten becoming best friends? Can you get any cuter?? Our readers didn't think so.

Read this story of a lamb on her last legs that befriended a little kitten here.

3. Cat Shaming

cat shaming

These cat owners got creative and told the world what their naughty kitty was up to. Wide Open Pets has a lot of shaming articles that bring pet owners together in solidarity since all pets can get themselves into trouble.

Check out some cat shaming posts here.

2. Thai Cat Bathroom Commercial

thai bathroom commercial

This hilarious commercial came out of nowhere. Advertising bathroom renovations, this Thai company used a gang of cats to organize a revolt.

Watch this commercial that had our readers cracking up here.

1. Farmer Finds Wild-Looking Kittens


What if you found a litter of adorable kittens in your barn? Wouldn't you bring them inside and cuddle them? That's what this farmer did, until he realized they weren't kittens...

Read the cat story that most resonated with our readers over the year here.

We love cats here at Wide Open Pets and so do our fans! Stay tuned for more top animal stories over the year.

What was your favorite cat story this year, fellow cat lover? Tell us in the comments below. 

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8 Best Cat Stories, Info, and Advice of 2017