78 Bulldogs Rescued from Awful Puppy Mill Looking for Forever Homes

Posted by Jason Sarna
Images by Mike Dorney / Pacific Photography via Facebook

A puppy mill in Westminster, California has been shut down after a neighbor calls the police.

After hearing dogs barking from a nearby home, a neighbor called the police. When the police responded the call, they found dozens of French and English Bulldogs living in cages in the garage.

According to NBC 5, the police sent the dogs to the Westminster Adoption Group Services (WAGS) and opened a criminal investigation on the dog owner.

Westminster Police Department Commander Cameron Knauaerhaze said:

"The odor and the smell there throughout the property was so disgusting and unsanitary that some of our officers actually got sick to their stomach and had to leave the property."

Although the dogs are now rescued, many suffer from mange and other aliments due to their poor living conditions. However, people are lining up to give the pups a loving home.

"They're super cute, that's one thing," said Minh Nguyen, who was one of the thousands of people who have already applied to adopt one of the pups. "All my friends that had one, they've always been real nice, low temperament, easy going."

WAGS has been receiving so much interest in the Bulldogs that their website has shut down for maintenance. Their Facebook page, however, is still up and running, and they recently posted some photos of the pups:

World...Meet our Crayola Crew! The pictures are finally up (minus a few camera shy ones that will be posted soon)!! We...

Posted by WAGS ~ Westminster Adoption Group and Services on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

While the dogs are super cute and in desperate need of forever homes, experts warn prospective owners that they'll have to be willing to deal with some of their health and behavior issues.

WAGS shelter manager Cortney Dorney said:

"We have the ear, the eye, the skin issues, but these dogs were neglected behaviorally, as well."

If you are interested in adopting one of the 78 bulldogs, WAGS wrote out specific instructions pertaining to the adoption process on their Facebook page:

We are still getting a TON of texts/phone calls regarding the process for adoption...we will explain it here again 🙂 ...

Posted by WAGS ~ Westminster Adoption Group and Services on Thursday, November 16, 2017

To fill out an application, click here. Once you complete your application, email it to [email protected]

Are you going to apply to take one of these pups home? Let us know in the comments below!

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78 Bulldogs Rescued from Awful Puppy Mill Looking for Forever Homes