7,000 Chicken Escapees Cause Traffic Jam on Austrian Autobahn

Posted by Stacey Venzel

911, Austria has a chicken emergency.

While the USA was celebrating with fireworks on Fourth of July, Austria was busy chasing chickens across the A1 autobahn.

A truck carrying the birds crashed in transit, freeing chickens from cages and littering the road with the feathered friends.

An estimated 7,000 chickens were onboard. Some died in the crash, but still more clustered the roadway for a 160-meter stretch near Linz in northern Austria.

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The freeway was closed for hours during morning rush hour traffic while emergency personnel hustled to collect the chickens and clear the road. Not surprisingly, traffic jams occurred in lanes going in the opposite direction as passersby took in the rare sight.

Capturing 7,000 chickens is quite an endeavor. The fate of the feathered escapees has yet to be released.

How would you react to 7,000 chickens on the highway? Tell us in the comments below!

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7,000 Chicken Escapees Cause Traffic Jam on Austrian Autobahn