70+ Rescue Horses Wander Willie Nelson's Luck Ranch, Most Saved from Slaughterhouses

Posted by Christy Caplan
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Willie Nelson: Wikimedia Commons and Flickr via Paul Familetti for thetripwirenyc

Willie Nelson, who's quickly approaching his 87th birthday, puts his guitar away and time on the road on pause for one reason: his 700-acre ranch, known as Luck Ranch. About 70 horses Nelson rescued roam the ranch and some were destined for slaughterhouses. It's no surprise that he includes horses in the lyrics of a recent song he's written, entitled, "Ride Me Back Home." 

Luck Ranch is about 30 miles outside of Austin and paint horses roam the pastures. Nelson also hosts the Luck Reunion at his ranch in Spicewood, a day music festival every year that is not to be missed! This exclusive event is a wonderful opportunity to see the ranch in person and you can even feed some of the horses next to the tents.

During an interview with Paul Venema, a reporter with KSAT 12 News, Nelson talks about what he loves about this Texas countryside, 

"He likes to call his ranch, Luck. When you're here you're in luck and when you're not, you're out of luck."

"They're the luckiest horses in the world": More than 70 horses roam Willie Nelson's ranch, most of which he rescued before they could be sent to slaughterhouses.

Posted by KSAT 12 & KSAT.com on Sunday, March 24, 2019

Is Nelson retiring anytime soon?

Retirement, Nelson says, is not a part of the conversation he tells KSAT 12 News.

"I retire after every show," Nelson said. "I say, 'That's it, I'm not goin' no more,' but then we hang out awhile and people (his band) feel like playing, and so we go play again."

Nelson's rescue horses are some of the luckiest horses in the world! Thank you, Willie! Nelson's ranch represents his love for country music and horses in need. He is the epitome of what it means to be a Texas Gentlemen.

Don't forget about this fun Willie Nelson fact.

In 2015, The People's Silver Telly Award was given to Nelson's video "The Love of Horses". As shown in the video, Nelson met Jerry Finch and other members of Habitat for Horses while they were all working to get legislation passed that would end the slaughter of horses!

Willie Nelson's ranch shows his true devotion to these beautiful creatures. His son Lukas Nelson is also a horse advocate as he supports Saving America's Horses and Habitat for Horses like his dad. Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real have many songs devoted to them.

"No place but Texas would I ever roam. No place but Texas; My home, sweet home." We love you, Willie Nelson!

Are you a Willie Nelson fan? Did you know he rescued horses? Please leave a comment below! 

This post was originally published on April 8, 2019.

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70+ Rescue Horses Wander Willie Nelson's Luck Ranch, Most Saved from Slaughterhouses