7 Ways to Manage Your Horse's Shedding Season

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Shedding season is upon us, and for horse lovers this means that the hair also travels into our cars, homes, and wardrobes. 

Spring is here and the winter hair is flying - shedding season has officially begun. As the weather warms, it's both a time of celebration and frustration for you and your furry horse.

Shedding season means that warmer weather is on its way, along with fun activities like horse shows and trail rides. Unfortunately, it also means that the winter coat covering a thousand-pound animal is all about to fall out. But managing your horse's shedding is imperative in horse care.

Before you as a horse owner start your hour-long grooming sessions, take a look at these tips.

Find a Great Shedding Tool

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When it comes to shedding your horse out, there are countless grooming tools on the market available to help you. From shedding blades to more specialty tools, you can take your pick of your ideal shedding tool.

Find one that's easy to hold and use, and which works well.

Take Off the Sheets

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Make sure to take off your horse's heavy sheet or horse blanket to allow him to scratch and shed out his hair naturally. The simple act of lying down or rolling can prompt a lot of your horse's coat, and the dead hair, to fall out, and he'll be less itchy when he's not wearing a sheet.

Wear a Grooming Outfit

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If you plan to thoroughly groom or shed out your horse, then wear a light jacket or other outer layer to help keep the long hair off your horse's body from getting embedded into your shirt.

Try to choose a slick fabric, like nylon, for this outer layer, since horse hair won't cling to it as well. Leave this jacket in the barn to use until shedding season is over.

Try a Bath

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Bathing your horse is a great way to get excess hair to shed out. Use a textured scrubby to really dig down into his coat, and be sure to rinse your horse thoroughly.

Turn Your Horse Out

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Provide your horse with as much time out in the pasture as possible. He will find great places to roll and scratch himself, and can shed out a good deal of his coat this way without requiring any effort on your part.

Use a Vacuum

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If you're lucky enough to have a horse vacuum available, then shedding season is the perfect time to use it. Start by thoroughly currying your horse, then use the vacuum to pick up excess hair and dirt.


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You can clip those straggly hairs around your horse's jaw, elbows, and tail; just be careful of sensitive areas while using the clippers. Additionally, if you plan to show, you can go ahead and body clip your horse while he's still shedding - it won't cause him any problems, and body clipping will take care of a lot of the longer hairs in one session.

If shedding season has you down, don't worry - it won't last long. Just don't apply lip gloss before grooming your horse, and keep a lint roller nearby. Soon your horse will be sporting his sleek summer coat and all of your effort during shedding season will have been worth it. Coat health is important for equine care!

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7 Ways to Manage Your Horse's Shedding Season