Feline Strange: 7 Ways Cats Creep You out According to Cole and Marmalade

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Cats can be really strange animals sometimes. This video is a perfect example of the many ways that cats creep you out. 

Do you ever get the feeling that your cat is just trying to creep you out? Sure, cat behavior can be a little odd - or, let's be honest, a lot odd sometimes. From opening doors to staring at things that just aren't there, cats creep you out in many ways.

This video is a great example of cats doing odd behaviors for the purpose of making us humans uncomfortable. Cole and Marmalade cover all of those strange behaviors that cats are known for. So, the next time your cats creep you out, remember you're not the only human this happens to!

Tip: This is a Halloween video. If you're not big on being startled, stop the video when you reach the warning about humans being creepy, too. If you happen to be watching this video alone in your house at night, you'll thank me.

Sure, cats may creep us out sometimes, but they can also be tons of fun to have around the house. They're always good for a laugh, they're talented fly catchers, and they're absolutely adorable.

Cats make great companions, as long as you let them do things on their own terms. A little creepy sometimes? Sure. But we wouldn't trade our cats for anything.

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Feline Strange: 7 Ways Cats Creep You out According to Cole and Marmalade