7 Ways You Can Help Horses in Need

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you want to give back to the equestrian community, then be sure to check out these many ways that you can help horses in need.

As horse lovers, we're all aware that not all horses are lucky enough to have a home which loves and cares for them. In fact, there are many horses in need of homes, medical treatment, and even basic care.

Want to make a difference? Here are just a few ways that you can help out horses in need.

Adopt a Horse

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One of the biggest ways that you can make a difference in the life of a horse in need is to adopt a horse. You can adopt horses from many rescues, and by adopting a horse, you'll be freeing up a rescue's stall so that they can help out another horse in need.

Of course, you should only adopt a horse if you can confidently care for his needs and afford his upkeep.

Foster a Horse

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If you're not quite ready to own another horse, then consider fostering a horse instead. Many rescues look for foster homes for some of their horses in order to help free up stalls in the rescue for other incoming horses.

By fostering a horse, you will provide him with the care that he needs until he can find a permanent home. Many rescues pay for some of the horse's care, such as for his vet and farrier bills, so fostering is often a less expensive option than adopting is.

Volunteer for a Rescue

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Do you live near a horse rescue? There are likely many volunteer opportunities available.

Rescues often need help doing barn work, completing office tasks, and even staffing special events.

Hold a Fundraiser

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You might want to hold a fundraiser to help a local rescue earn money. Fundraisers like bake sales or car washes are often successful.

Start by contacting the rescue to ask about fundraising for them and find out if they encourage specific sorts of fundraising events.


Five Furlongs via Flickr.com

You can always donate items or money to a horse rescue. Donating items like blankets, first aid supplies, feed, and coupons can help a rescue to get the supplies that they need.

And any rescue can always benefit from monetary donations.


Karsun Designs via Flickr.com

Advocating for equine welfare is another way that you can make a difference for horses in need.

If there's a cause that you care about, then you may want to reach out to local media outlets, as well as asking your legislature to support bills designed to keep horses safe and well cared for.

Report Horse Neglect

Rikki's Refuge via Flickr.com

If you come across a horse in a neglectful situation, it's important to report the issue. Contact your local animal control officer or SPCA office to make sure that someone qualified checks on the horse's safety and health.

There are many different ways to help horses in need. Have you ever done any of the above to help out horses?

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7 Ways You Can Help Horses in Need