Home Decor Upgrades: 7 Reptile Tank Ideas for Inspiration

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Looking for some reptile tank inspiration? Look no further!

Whether you're looking to upgrade the decor in your existing setup or you want a statement piece of a reptile tank, you've come to the right place.

Here are seven drool-worthy reptile tanks sure to peak your interest!

Re-purposed Cabinet Tank

This incredible statement tank would be best for large, arboreal reptiles. Great if you have a large piece of furniture hanging around that can be re-purposed into something more functional.

Pinterest/Amanda Daum

Place in a high traffic area and your reptiles will never get bored! This also provides a safe enclosure to keep out all furry pets you may also share your home with.

Make a Statement

If your reptiles want to show off, what better place for them than front and center in the living room?


Not only does this tank include all the necessary requirements for a reptile tank, but it also doubles as a functional piece of furniture.

Reclaim Your Existing Enclosure

This barn board tank stand uses your existing tank, and gives it a facelift! This is certainly a creative way to hide extra reptile supplies or that blank space under most store-bought tank stands.

Carolina Reefers

This stand could even be customized to house two tanks, or some shelves. There are endless possibilities!

Display Case Tank

While not many reptile owners have furniture this large at their disposal, this is definitely some good decor inspiration. Even on a smaller scale, this combo of vines, branches, water feature, and foliage is ideal.


A perfect combination like this gives arboreal reptiles enough room to exercise and explore as well as places to hide and nap.

A Beautiful Functional Enclosure

Turn an unused hutch into this beautiful work of art! This hutch holds something much more valuable than fancy dishes and knick-knacks: your pets!

Hoppe Terrarienbau

The bottom section even has plenty of storage room. Perfect for extra reptile supplies, or those fancy dishes that you needed a new home for.

A Treehouse Touch!

Perfect for little arboreal geckos that need some space to get up high, and hide out. With the correct substrate, and a stable treehouse, this is the perfect tank.

Pinterest/Elisa Lopez

Not only does this tank meet all the needs of the reptile, but it also adds a whimsical touch to your home!

Planted Vivarium

If you're looking for natural, intricate tank goals- try a planted vivarium! This includes live plants that work well with your reptile and their needs.

Dendro Board

This isn't an option for the faint of heart. A lot of work goes into these intricately designed and planted tanks. It is crucial that you make sure the plants are safe for your pets, and are well secured. It gives you more options however, because you can plant on all sides of your tank provided your substrate will hold!

Now that you have all this inspiration, it's time to get to work!

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Home Decor Upgrades: 7 Reptile Tank Ideas for Inspiration