7 Show Pigs That Will Floor You (or Break Through the Floor)

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Pigs in swine shows are judged in three categories according to their breed: muscle, body mass, and bone structure. 

Pig shows are generally parts of state fairs, where members of the 4H Club come to showcase their pigs.

The most well-known pig shows in the country are: the Weanling Pig Extravaganza in Richmond, Indiana; the World Pork Expo and Junior Event in Des Moines, Iowa; the Summer Type Conference and National Junior Summer Spectacular in Louisville, Kentucky; the Lincoln County Fair in Troy, Missouri; the Socorro County Fair in Socorro, New Mexico; the Oklahoma Youth Expo in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; the Southwest Type Conference in Belton, Texas; and the Southwest Hampshire Type Conference in Sweetwater, Texas.

The winner gets to take home a trophy and the title of Grand Champion.

Here are some swine show stoppers who have won titles in the past.

Supreme Grand Champion Crossbreed at 2014 California State Fair

Genetic Edge

Grand Champion Open Barrow at 2013 Montgomery County Fair

Eichhorn Show Pigs

Champion Overall Barrow at 2011 U-W Bucky's Spectacular Jackpot 

WD Swine

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Grand Champion Gilt at 2013 Auglaize County Fair, Ohio

Genetic Edge

Grand Champion Yorkshire 2012 Moyer Champions

Genetic Edge

Grand Champion Market Hog Franklin County Fair

Wade Co Livestock

Grand Champion Barrow; Troy, Ohio

4-2011 July_ChampaignCoFair_CH
Eichhorn Show Pigs

Those are some fine looking' hogs. Wilbur would be proud!

If you want to learn how to compete in the 4H swine ring, study up here.

Have you been in or seen a swine show? Tell us in the comments below!


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7 Show Pigs That Will Floor You (or Break Through the Floor)