Wear It Loud and Proud: 7 Pins That All Animal Lovers Need

Posted by Tori Holmes
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You can wear a pin and still look cool, we swear.

If you want to try and incorporate some of your favorite animals into your everyday look, there's a fine line between looking cute and looking like a primary school teacher. This is what makes pins so great! Adding some animal-inspired flair into your daily outfits has never been easier.

We are guessing that you love animals, like us, so we have a feeling that you'll enjoy these adorable pins.

Liveinu Fashion Geometric Cartoon Animals Enamel Brooch Pin Set

Liveinu Fashion Geometric Cartoon Animals Enamel Brooch Pin Set

Have trouble choosing just one favorite animal? This pin set is for you! With five adorable geometric animals, you can rock one of these pins each day of the workweek.

Get the set for $19.97.

French Bull Dog Lover Polished Enamel Lapel Pin

French Bull Dog Dog Lover Polished Enamel Lapel Pin

This pin is as colorful as a French Bulldog's personality. At 1.25 inches in size, it's big enough to make a statement but not to overpower whatever you fasten it to - sort of like a real Frenchie!

Get it for $8.99.

Flat Bonnie Cute Otter Enamel Pin

Flat Bonnie Cute Otter Enamel Pin

This adorable sea otter is ready to add some cute to your everyday look. If the otter-ly adorable design wasn't enough, a portion of the sales are donated to animal rescue organizations!

Get it for $9.99.

Mark Poulin Soft Enamel Pin, Cuttlefish

Mark Poulin Soft Enamel Pin, Cuttlefish

This cuttlefish pin is as punny as it is cute. Available in three different colors, there's a cuttlefish to match anything you wear. In fact, the same goes with real cuttlefish as they have the amazing ability to change their body to any color and pattern imaginable!

Get it for $10.00.

Astronaut Kitty Enamel Pin

Cat enamel pin astronaut kitty

This cat is ready for some adventure! Whether you take it to outer space or simply to work or school, this little kitty will be there to keep you company.

Get it for $9.90.

Koi Fish Lapel PinKoi Fish Lapel Pin


This koi fish pin is almost as beautiful the real thing. The great thing about a pin koi, though, is that you don't need to worry about it being out of the water for too long - you can wear it all day!

Get it for $9.95.

Pit Bull Terrier Lover Enamel Lapel Pin

Pit Bull Terrier Breed Dog Lover Enamel Lapel Pin

Show your love for one of the most misunderstood breeds with this adorable pit bull pin. Available in several different colors, you can find the one the most closely matches your four-legged friend.

Get it for $9.99.

With so many animal pins to choose from, it won't be long before you find your outfit is incomplete without your favorite mini animal present.

Do you have a favorite animal pin we didn't feature on this list? Share a picture in the comments - we'd love to see it!

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