7 Pets Loving (or Hating) Road Trips

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Our pets are our loyal companions. If you're going on a road trip, your furry pals are probably joining.

Some of our pets love road trips, and others... not so much.

Here are seven pets that are completely loving, or hating, your road trips and adventures.

"Are we there yet?! Seriously. I have to pee."

"And this is interrupting my nap. I thought road trips were supposed to be fun."


"Girls day! We have a full day planned, get in!"

"We're even going to the mall, and we're going to get our nails done."

Barococo & Bar & Restaurant/Google Plus

"When you said road trip, I thought this was going to be more fun."

"Seriously, are we there yet? Because get me out. I hope there are snacks wherever you're taking me."


"THIS is what you interrupted my strict schedule for?!"

"I have a nap at 11, stretch my butt in your face appointment at 11:30, then I run all over the house; and then I have some snacks around 1, barf them up on your couch and then sleep again until you're fast asleep. Instead I'm in this moving window box on wheels. Terrible."

Sharon Hahn Darlin/Flickr

"Top down, doggles on, ready to take on the world!"

"Road trips are our favorite!"


"The last time you strapped me in this seat, we didn't end up at the park like you said."

"And I ended up back at home, missing a certain part of my anatomy. Unless we're actually going to the park this time, count me out."


"We're ready- what's taking you so long?!"

"Hurry up! We've got lots of trees to sniff and stuff to pee on. Let's go already!"

Melanie Brown/Pinterest

Wherever you're taking your pets, make sure to never leave them in a hot or cold car. Also make sure to have proper restraints in place, so that your pet is always safe.

After all, they are our most precious cargo.

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7 Pets Loving (or Hating) Road Trips