7 Little Birds That Make Great Companions

Posted by Kat Tretina
7 Little Birds That Make Great Pets

These little birds are adorable and make excellent pets for children and adults.

Birds can make wonderful pets for people of all ages. From singing canaries to friendly parakeets, they are entertaining and affectionate creatures that bring their owners joy.

While small, these animals have big personalities. Below are seven little birds that make terrific pets:


Canary little birds

The canary is a wonderful friend. It is perfectly happy as the only pet and has a lovely singing voice.

Beautiful to watch, canaries don't enjoy human touch, so they only require food, water, and a spacious cage. They can provide a great deal of enjoyment, living up to 15 years.


Finch little birds

Finches need the company of other finches, but their antics and playing will amuse you throughout the day.

They aren't very noisy or messy, but they do need a larger cage than you'd expect for such a tiny bird. They're very active and love to fly around, jumping from perch to perch.

Parakeet or Budgie

Parakeet little birds

Parakeets, sometimes referred to as budgies, are affectionate and loving pets. They can bond to their owner and enjoy being handled.

Budgies are very intelligent and can be taught to do some tricks, such as waving hello. They chatter quite a bit, making a funny noise that's entertaining to listen to.


Lovebird little birds

Lovebirds are adorable birds, but they must be kept in pairs. They will pine for a mate if kept alone.

Small and compact, they can live for up to 20 years. They're smart and active and they love to learn new tricks and play with toys.


One cockatiel parakeet baby

Cockatiels are very docile and cuddly. They love to be handled and are even known to fall asleep in their owner's hands.

These birds are easily tamed and can form strong bonds with their owners that will last their whole lifetime.

Pacific Parrotlet

Pacific Parrotlet little birds
Kat Tretina

Colorful Pacific parrotlets may look like parakeets, but they're very different. Small and intelligent, they can talk, learn extensive tricks and are utterly fearless.

They make excellent pets as they are very affectionate and loving. They also get up to silly antics that are sure to make you laugh.


Colorful Rainbow Lorikeet Bird Perched On A Branch

Brilliantly colored, lorikeets are beautiful birds with a calm demeanor. While they are chatty, they are quieter than other kinds of birds and don't usually squawk like other types.

They typically live for about seven years and need a spacious cage with lots of toys. They enjoy being handled and are happy to sit on their owner's shoulder.

The smaller bird breeds are often overlooked because of their larger cousins, but they have big personalities and make excellent pets.

While macaws and green Amazon parrots are majestic, they require huge cages, lots of exercise and very understanding neighbors who can handle all the noise they make. These little bird types are better suited for owners looking for a quieter animal with lots of color.

With daily care and interaction, these seven little birds can be affectionate and loving companions for many years.

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7 Little Birds That Make Great Companions