7 Hen Names Because Your Chickens Are Part of the Family

Posted by Allie Layos
The young worker of poultry farm holds in hand chicken a layer and house eggs

These hen names are perfect for the new chickens in your flock. 

Many people consider chickens simple egg-producing machines, but they're no more machine-like than dogs or horses.

As any chicken owner knows, chickens are intelligent and each is an individual. As such, they each deserve their own name.

Here are seven great hen names for the chickens in your life.


Some people think names are prophetic, and if you name your hen this you are almost guaranteeing her a long life of eluding the predators that spell doom for most chickens.

White chicken and chicks


There is something motherly about hens, even when they have no chicks, so this makes a great name for any hen. (She doesn't have to know if her eggs aren't going to hatch.)


This name is pretty self-explanatory. Though there are a couple exceptions, almost all chickens have feathers, and this name celebrates their flappy, fluttery ways.

White chicken


Chickens are closely related to dinosaurs, so you can celebrate this awesome genetic connection with this special name.

It's a little masculine sounding, but that will just make her tough.

White chicken


Even non-chicken owners know that chickens have a special walk, and this names celebrates their special way of going.

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Funny Bits

In almost every group of chickens, there is one that stands out from the crowd. You know, the one who marches to the beat of her own drum. The unique one. This name is for her.

Brown chicken


What are chickens anyway, but grown up chicks? This name goes to the hen who will always be your little baby.

Whether you are a first-time chicken owner or a chicken veteran, these hen names will surely be a hit with your brood.

What would you call your hen? Tell us below!

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7 Hen Names Because Your Chickens Are Part of the Family