7 Foods You Probably Didn't Know Your Dog Can't Eat

Posted by Amber King
Now. Here. This.

Since the invention of the puppy dog eyes, humans have been sharing meals with their canine companions, but there are some foods you should keep for yourself.

Your dog may love it when you toss him a snack or scrape your dinner plate into his bowl, but many healthy human foods cause serious health problems in dogs.

Everyone knows that chocolate is bad for dogs, but it's not the only food on the list. If he had his way, your dog would munch on anything and everything. As a pet parent, however, it's your responsibility to know what's safe for him to eat and what's not.

It may break your heart to deny that cute little face the leftovers from your lunch that he's been so adorably eyeing up, but saving his life is worth all of that inner guilt. Here are eight foods you probably didn't know were bad for Fido.


Things on Hazel's Head
Things on Hazel's Head

You should never pass the guac to your canine buddy, because every part of the avocado is harmful to dogs.

The leaves, pits, bark, and fruit all contain a toxin called persin. If too much persin is ingested, it can cause everything from stomach aches to breathing difficulties.

Yeast Dough

You may have thought the most dangerous thing about bread was all of those calories going right to your hips, but yeast dough ferments in dog's stomachs to create a toxic substance. The yeast will expand within the stomach or intestines to create serious digestive tract mayhem.

If ingested, your dog may experience severe stomach pain leading to a potentially ruptured stomach or intestinal tract. Not to mention he'll be extremely gassy.


Maddie on Things
Maddie on Things

The smell of bacon sizzling in the kitchen will have both you and your dog running, but poor Fido will have to go without the taste of America's favorite breakfast food.

Bacon is mostly fat, and fat leads to a disease called pancreatitis in dogs. The pancreas will cease to function, and that means digestive problems and poor nutrient absorption.

Macadamia Nuts

Feel free to let your dog snack on peanut butter treats (as long as they're free of xylitol) as much as he wants, but that rule doesn't apply to the entire nut family.

Macadamia nuts were recently discovered to be toxic to dogs. The actual reason behind their toxicity is still unclear, but dogs that ingest macadamia nuts have been known to suffer from the inability to walk as well as vomiting and tremors.

Onions and Garlic

Things on Hazel's Head
Things on Hazel's Head

These vegetables may add the little kick your otherwise drab meal needs, but for your dog, it's a kick right in the gastrointestinal system. When consumed in large amounts, onions and garlic lead to red blood cell damage.

No need to panic if your pooch ends up eating the miniscule amount used for flavoring, but it's important to know large amounts will be harmful to his health.


While shrimp is full of protein that dogs need, humans rarely prepare shrimp for themselves that isn't slathered in butter or some other kind of sauce or seasoning.

The occasional serving of shrimp won't cause any adverse health effects for your dog, but it needs to be fully cooked, peeled, and sans the tasty extras. If eaten too often or covered in butter, the high levels of cholesterol in shrimp will harm your pet's health.


Pomegranate is one of those foods that is both delicious and great for your health--human health, that is. When it comes to your dog, eating pomegranate most often results in a severe stomach ache.

Pomegranates are chock full of antioxidants, and while that may sound like a good thing, there are certain plant-based antioxidants that canines can't digest properly.


If your dog ends up ingesting any of these foods by accident, it's always best to call your veterinarian. It may not be a life or death situation, but talking to a professional will give you peace of mind and help you better care for your furry friend's health.

The next time those big brown eyes lock on your dinner plate, you'll have a better idea about what is and isn't allowed.

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7 Foods You Probably Didn't Know Your Dog Can't Eat