7 Exotic Pet Instagram Accounts You Need to Be Following

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Need some more cute and funny in your day? Follow these exotic pets on Instagram.

There are plenty of dog and cat Instagrammers out there, but how about those other furry, feathered and scaly friends that deserve lovin'?

Check out this collection of exotic pets making a name for themselves on social media.

Squishy & Rosy the Red-eared Sliders

bowties are my thang. 🎀❤️

A post shared by Squishy And Rosy (@cityturtles) on

This turtle duo is new to the Instagram gang. Born in 2013, the twins are getting a taste of city life in NYC. Apparently, they'll do anything for shrimp and love a good toothbrush back scratch!

Mr. Ginger, Snowy, & Frieda the Guinea Pigs

Frieda is proudly wearing her invisible crown 👑

A post shared by Mr.Ginger, Snowy & Frieda 🌸 (@miracle.piggies) on

While Frieda and Snowhite star in most of the photos, a number of other guinea pigs make appearances on this Instagram account that hails from Austria, including throwback appearances from the late Mr. Cookie.

Mason the Rabbit

Smell that? Love is in the air ! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #february

A post shared by M & M (@veryfatrabbit) on

Witty captions--including numerous photos of the floppy-eared rabbit doing people things--makes this a must-follow Instagram. Mason is bonded with his mama, and she can let him hop around freely inside or outside.

The adopted bunny lives in Seattle and often advocates for his orphaned friends with #adoptdontshop.

Pringle the Bearded Dragon

Sun's out, ready to ride. #pringle #lizard #reptile #vespa #beardiesofinstagram

A post shared by Super Pringle (@super_pringle) on

This reptile pretends he is a human in many photos around his homeland in Melbourne, Australia. Somehow, Pringle gets his hands on miniature people things, including a beardie-sized bike, robe, Nintendo, tea set and even teeny tiny handcuffs and an itty bitty police badge.

Jack the Cockatiel

A post shared by Jack (@jackthecockatiel) on

This Brazilian native poses patiently for all sorts of photo shoots. He seems to have quite the balancing act when it comes to perching on his small skateboard.

Bubu the Chinchilla

Those whiskers 🐭

A post shared by BuBu The Chinchilla (@cute_bubu) on

A surprising number of chinchilla Instagrams are out there, but how many of the fluff balls go shopping and sip tea? Bubu hangs out in Singapore where she enjoys numerous girlie hobbies.

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Mocha the Hedgehog

Feed me..fee..ddd! I'm waiting you😎

A post shared by MOCHA 🐾 The Hedgehog (@hedgehogmocha) on

Mocha's Instagram feed pictures the prickly pocket pet in cute poses with appropriate doodle graphics floating around. He also travels, featuring impressive landscapes and landmarks in the background of some of these adorable photos. Mocha seems to be a fan of food, too, often pictured next to big plates of delicious grub!

Doesn't your day already seem a little brighter after seeing these cuties hard at work? Tell us in the comments below.

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7 Exotic Pet Instagram Accounts You Need to Be Following