7 Dogs That Would Rather Be Carried, Please

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Some dogs don't love walking as much as others do. 

Due to a variety of preferences and behaviors, some dogs prefer to be carried. Whether they are simply so small they get tired easily, or have a health condition that makes walking long distances difficult, walking isn't always an option.

Here are seven dogs in carriers that are taking the day off from using their legs.

Nothing is better than being carried to the dog park.

"Maybe I'll run around and sniff some butts once I get there, but no way am I walking myself all the way there."

dog in baby bjorn
Amazon/Outward Hound

When you have many itty bitty puppies to carry to one place.

These little balls of fluff don't quite have their coordination down, and the quickest way for them to get from Point A to Point B is for you to just carry them.

puppies in a sling

"Dad? Where are we going? It doesn't sound or smell like the park."

"At least I won't step in any gum."

dog in backpack

"This office doesn't look like the beach..."

"I demand a refund! I wouldn't have worn this hat if I knew we were coming here."

Posh Puppy Boutique dog carrier
Posh Puppy Boutique

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"This is my type of 'walk.'"

"I'm glad we understand each other. And great accessorizing today, Barbara."

dog in bag

"This is ridiculous! Let me walk! I demand it, sir! I've got trees to pee on and butts to sniff. Seriously."

"This defeats the whole purpose of going for a walk. If you didn't want to let me walk on my own four feet, you could have just left me on the couch."

dog in backpack

"This is embarrassing. Why are you smiling? I have four perfectly good paws, let me use them human."

"I really hope none of my friends see me in this thing. Especially not that cute little poodle down the street."

dog in baby bjorn

Most of us consider our dogs our babies, and some like being carried as such. Others, not so much.

But one thing is for sure, dogs in Baby Bjorns are pretty entertaining.

Does your dog like being carried? Tell us in the comments below!

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7 Dogs That Would Rather Be Carried, Please