7 Popular Goat Breeds for Your Homestead: Ranked by Precious "Kid" Pics

Posted by Christy Caplan
Baby Goats

There are dairy, meat, pet and fiber goats! How do you choose which is best for your homestead? Simple. You rank them by how cute the baby goats or "kids" are! According to Homesteading.com, raising baby goats is becoming quite popular. Hopefully, our research will help homesteaders choose the right breed for their farm or pasture.

Raising goats can be rewarding but it's a lot of hard work!

TheSpruce.com tells us,

"Immediately after your baby goat is born, you should be present. This helps the baby goat imprint on you and it starts to get accustomed to human contact."

Your job is to stay and monitor. You need to leave the baby goat with the mother. The two will bond on their own but you need to make sure the baby feeds from the mother within the first hour after birth. This is crucial advice for first-time farmers raising baby goats.

Newborn goats are adorable. Now after a few days pass and the baby goat gets enough nutrient-rich colostrum from mom, you can decide if you want to have the mother raise the newborn or if you plan to have bottle-fed goats.

The local feed store can provide you with advice on the essential supplies you'll need for bottle feeding. You'll need baby bottles, colostrum replacement, and a kid nipple. Helping raise baby farm animals is a lot of work! It's worth every second though. Scroll through these seven adorable kids!

1. La Mancha

These medium-sized goats are sturdy, have fave temperament, and produce milk with about 4% butterfat.

2. Nigerian Dwarf

Nigerian Dwarf goats are quite small in size, and in addition to being great diary producers, they also make idea pets because of their size and ability to be trained easily.

Homesteading.com tells us,

Fun Fact: "They can produce up to four pounds of milk per day and have a lifespan of eight to 12 years."

3. Alpine

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Well it's been awhile since I've posted on here, not surprising with how busy we've been though. #Farming in Nova Scotia during the winter has brought about a great learning curve for maintaining systems with freezing temperatures and all of the many lives that we're dedicated to supporting. I've never bashed out so many buckets of frozen water in my entire life! Everyone is seeming to manage pretty well though and we were recently blessed with a very smooth birth of our first goat kids here on the farm. Two perfect boys, who are playful, friendly, cuddly...just divine! Feeling very grateful to be surrounded by so much life. #kiddingseason #goatkids #alpinegoats #babygoatlove #winterfarming #offgridfarming #farminginthewoods #rewyldingwoods

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Also known as the French Alpine goat, this breed is medium to large in size and can weigh up to 125 pounds.  

4. Angora

Known for their thick, long fleece, these medium-sized goats have shiny secondary hair that can grow about one inch per month. How cute is this kid?

5. Pygmy

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In honor of Lucy's first birthday today, I figured it would be the perfect time to share her story. A year ago today, Lucy was the last to be born behind her two brothers and unfortunately, she came out premature. Sadly, she was immediately rejected by her mother who wanted nothing to do with her. (Survival of the fittest is no joke) Lucy was crying out but didn't have the strength to move any parts of her body. Her head was stuck on the ground as she cried out for her moms attention. She was helpless... In a panic, my mom and I rushed her into the house and put her on a heating pad and wrapped her up in a towel to keep her warm. I was sick to my stomach with the thought that she might not make it over night... the next day came and she still had no muscle movement. The only sign of her being alive was a little heart beat in her chest.. we kept feeding her milk from her mother and she got peppier overtime. We started doing goat therapy by rolling up a towel and laying her on top of it. After a while, she gained a bit of strength and would push herself over the towel. Then, she became strong enough to push herself off the ground without a towel. And finally, she was able to walk, then run!.... The story is so much longer than this, but the point is, my girl Lucy is a fighter and didn't give up! She's a little walking miracle & this past year wouldn't have been the sam without her & her little diaper butt ! ❤️ #housegoat #pygmygoat #pygmygoats #pygmy #nigeriandwarf #nigeriandwarfgoat #babygoat #goat #goats #goatsofig #goatstagram #goatsofinstagram #cutegoat #cutegoats #babygoats #goatworthy #goatyoga #🐐#goat🐐 #babygoatsofinstagram #babygoat

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Check out this tiny baby Pygmy goat! This breed is known to be both intelligent and docile.

6. Boer

Look at those ears! These are Boer kids with beautiful long ears. This breed is ideal for meat production.

7. Kiko 

Kiko goats are also a meat breed and they are known to eat anything! They're from New Zealand and the kids are precious. Look at this pic of mom and baby!

Some of these breeds are dairy goats, and other adorable baby goats featured are meat breeds. Curious about a goats diet?

Each goat needs about two to four pounds of hay per day. They browse like deer. Goats do best with mineral supplements or loose minerals - research mineral blocks.

If you love Nubian goats, which we left off this list (even though the kids are SO cute) than do your research! They are known to be loving and loyal but very demanding!

Goat's milk is also delicious and another reason to raise dairy goats! A good dairy goat provides between 6 to 12 pounds of milk a day for about a 305-day lactation. That amount of milk could provide enough for a small family! Read this article again though before you get a pet goat as it's a big responsibility!

Check out these cute videos! The Youtube channel has a lot to choose from but here's our fave.

What is your fave Kid pic from this list? Please leave a comment below! 

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7 Popular Goat Breeds for Your Homestead: Ranked by Precious "Kid" Pics