7 Best Pet Listicles of 2017

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Lists are a popular way of reading information on the Internet...

And pet lists are the most fun. From shaming our naughty pets to tattoos to the world's oldest pets, our readers love our listicles. Ranking anything in lists is addicting to read; you have to get to number one! So, here we rank the top seven lists published over the year on Wide Open Pets.

Is that meta or what?

Here are the top 7 listicles of 2017.

7. World's Oldest Pets


These 11 pets lived the longest on record. From cows to parrots to cats, we found the oldest living species of each.

Learn about these pets and see how long they actually lived here.

6. Reasons Horseback Riding Is the Best Therapy

Girl horseback riding in pasture at sunset

This one resonated deeply with our equestrian fans. There are so many more reasons why horseback riding is good for the soul.

Read the first seven reasons why a good gallop heals all here.

5. Horse Tattoos

horse tattoos

Everyone likes to see quality tattoo art, especially if you love the subject. Our readers loved this listicle of horse tattoos.

Check out this beautiful body art here.

4. Top Exotic Pets

fennec fox

Our readers were interested in what exotic animals can be kept as pets and in which states.

Learn about these 10 exotic animals and where they are legal to own here.

3. Horse Shaming

horse shaming

Pet owners have heard of dog shaming or cat shaming, but maybe didn't know that horse owners also partake in shaming their animals.

See what these naughty horses have been up to here.

2. Separation Anxiety

labrador retriever

This list is of breeds most prone to suffering from separation anxiety. Lots of readers wanted to see if their own dog was on this list.

Check it out here.

1. Chicken Shaming

chicken shaming

Our readers love naughty pets! Especially ones that are a little different, like chickens.

Do you know the many ways chickens can be naughty? Check them out here and join other Wide Open Pets fans in loving this listicle the best.

Our readers love their lists! These top 7 kept people entertained and informed all year long. Stay tuned for our Top 6 Natural Disaster Rescues; we saw some awful tragedies, but some amazing rescues this year.

What was your favorite list of the year? Tell us in the comments below. 

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7 Best Pet Listicles of 2017