7 Albino Ferrets That Will Change Your Mind About Red Eyes

Posted by Staff Writer

Who knew red eyes could be so cute?

Ferrets are well loved in the pet world. They are a perfect middle ground for a small pet - petite and fluffy like hamsters, but cuddly like cats and smart like dogs. They have tons of energy, bond strongly with their human owners and as these pictures will show, they are adorable!

Albino ferrets are especially popular, with their white fur and tiny pink noses. Somehow their red eyes aren't even creepy, they just add to the cuteness!

Here are some of the cutest albino ferrets on Instagram.

1. White as the cherry blossoms.

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2. Cute albino buddies.

3. Tired albino yawn.

4. Albino ferrets know it's important to stop and smell the flowers. 

5. This ferret hammock is albino approved.

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6. Content with albino ferry dreams.

7. Yin and Yang albino ferrets

These ferrets may look like long, fluffy ghosts but they sure are cute!