60,000 Pets Adopted at Clear the Shelters Event

Posted by Tori Holmes
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On August 19th, shelters across the U.S. participated in the annual Clear the Shelters event.

Presented by NBC and Telemundo-owned television stations, the annual event is part of a big push to help homeless animals find their forever homes.

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As part of the event, all adoption fees are either waived or reduced to give potential adopters another incentive to stop by participating shelters.

At this year's Clear the Shelters event, more than 60,000 dogs and cats were adopted from shelters across the U.S., surpassing last year's total of 54,000.

There was also a whopping 30% increase in the number of shelters participating in the event, which very likely helped increase the total number adoptions.

In the three years since the event was first held, more than 136,000 pets across the U.S. have found their forever homes.

We wish all the adopted pets long and happy lives! And hope those pets who weren't adopted will find their forever home soon!

Did you adopt a pet during the Clear the Shelters event? Let us know in the comments!

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60,000 Pets Adopted at Clear the Shelters Event