60 Potbellied Pigs Are Looking for Homes in West Virginia

Posted by Krissy Howard
Everything Lubbock

When their previous owners got hit with medical troubles, 60 pot bellied pigs were turned over to a local animal shelter, and they're all looking for loving homes. 

The Roane County Animal Shelter in Spencer, West Virginia received an exceptional owner surrender earlier this week.

According to a report by Everything Lubbock, 60 potbellied pigs were surrendered to the shelter after their previous owners were overcome by health issues.

"It is not like they [the pigs] were neglected or abused or anything like that," Humane Officer Tanya Hicks told the news outlet. "These folks have just got some health issues going on and they need some help and we are very thankful that they called us."

Everything Lubbock

The pigs, who range in age from four months to six years, now require constant care from the limited shelter staff. To help care for the pigs, the shelter is reaching out to their community for help with supplies such as hay, straw, pellets, troughs, and bowls. They are also accepting monetary donations.

While the sudden influx of shelter residents may take some getting used to, shelter workers are glad the previous owners sought to surrender the pigs rather than simply neglect or abandon the animals.

"My heart goes out to them but my heart goes out to the family too who is in this situation and we are so thankful that they did call because most people wouldn't have," Hicks added.

If you live in the area and are interested in adopting one of the pigs, you can contact the shelter at 304-927-2555 or find additional information here. Adoption fees run $30 and all pigs must be spayed or neutered.

Have you ever adopted a pig? Let us know in the comments section below!

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60 Potbellied Pigs Are Looking for Homes in West Virginia