6 Ways You Can Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Posted by Allison Johnson
Dog canopy bed

How are y'all coping with this summer heat? I'm breaking the bank turning my AC down to 68, swimming every chance I get, and going to happy hour every day at Sonic for a nice cold slushie. Heck, I even have multiple fans!

Now how are our fur babies dealing with the summer heat? There's still plenty of hot days ahead of us, so be sure to keep your dog cool for the rest of the summer. As temperatures rise, our pups can have heat stroke. Prevent overheating with these pet products to keep your dog cool.

1. Cool Pup Cooling Pet Bowl

Cool Pup Cooling Pet Bowl

I'm extremely allergic to cats, but that doesn't stop me from feeding the neighborhood feral cat. I feel bad thinking about how warm her water bowl must be until I get home from work. Elsie is going to have cold drinking water all day now! No more melted ice cubes that just turn into warm water.

Your dog (or outdoor cat) is going is to love it.

2. Cooling Gel Pet Pad

Pet Cooling Mat

This is the kind of weather that makes me want to put my sheets in the freezer two hours before I go to sleep. Once summer comes around, I truly hate the feeling of warm sheets fresh out the dryer. Your dog will love their cooling pad. I definitely recommend this if you turn your air conditioning up a little before you leave for work!

3. Dog Mesh Boots

Dog Mesh Booties

Protect your dog's paws from hot weather! I know you wouldn't try to walk outside barefoot when it's over 105 degrees outside. You can get your dog some breathable mesh booties. If your dog doesn't like the boots, I recommend paw pads.

4. Dog Pool

Dog Pool

Dog's like to swim, too! If you live near a river, your pup has probably developed a love for cool water. Your water fur baby can continue the love at home and cool off in their very own dog pool. It also doubles as a kiddie pool, since it's only a foot deep. Your little ones will enjoy some fun in the sun with their furry friend.

5. Dog Cot with Canopy

Dog Cot with Canopy

This is a nice retreat from a dog house. Outside, but with the perfect amount of shade. Since this bed is elevated, there's room for airflow and keeps your dog's body off the hot pavement.

6. Frozen Dog Treats

Dog Treat

Check out these frozen dog treat recipes! Here are some adorable non-stick molds to make your dog a yummy treat. Call these treats Pavlov's bell because your dog will be drooling over them.

Dog owners, your pets will appreciate all you do to keep them cool during this hot summer. Although warm weather does bring the opportunity for fun outdoor activities, you have to take precautions and think of how it can affect your dogs.

This post was originally published on July 9, 2019.

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6 Ways You Can Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer