Top 6 Natural Disaster Animal Survival Stories of 2017

Posted by Mateja Lane
teenagers save rabbits

2017 was a year of natural disasters. 

From hurricanes causing devastating floods to wildfires that ripped through the West, 2017 was a year where we learned we can't mess around with Mother Nature. People everywhere quickly found out how important it is to be prepared, especially if they care for pets.

Over the year we saw many amazing pet rescues and survival stories that touched hearts all around the world. Here are the top 6 that resonated most with readers at Wide Open Pets.

6. Donkeys Rescued from Hurricane Irma

donkey rescue

These donkeys were spotted swimming in the floods left by Hurricane Irma, so some guys hopped in their airboat and sped to the rescue.

Watch these Florida boys save some donkeys, including some babies, here.

5. Ongoing List of Harvey Rescues

dog rescue
Best Friends Animal Society/Instagram

We had so many rescue stories coming from Texas that we couldn't keep up, so we decided to start an ongoing pet rescue list. We would add to this list as soon as heard of another rescue, and it became a compilation that our readers kept up with.

See 18 amazing pet rescues from Hurricane Harvey here.

4. Goats in the Napa Fire

goats in napa fire

The fires that tore through Napa valley in Northern California this year had the world watching with disbelief. That's why this story of a herd of goats surviving the blaze was nothing short of a miracle.

Read the story and see the goats amidst the devastation here.

3. Horses in Napa Fire

horses in fire

A family in Napa had to evacuate, and fast. So they let their two horses out of the barn and hoped for the best.

You won't believe where these horses showed up unscathed a few days later. Read the story of survival here.

2. Deer Rescued from Hurricane Harvey

deer in flood

This rescue threw our readers for loop but it showed that we care about all animals here at Wide Open Pets.

See a Good Samaritan Texan help a deer to safety here.

1. Teenagers Save a Family of Bunnies

teenagers save bunniesThis was our #1 rescue story of the year, and for good reason. These young boys took it upon themselves to look for people and animals left behind in the Hurricane Harvey devastation.

Watch them bring a rabbit hutch to shore from their rescue power boat here.

2017 was a wild year and our hearts go out to all who are still recovering and rebuilding. We saw some pretty incredible examples of human determination and endurance after some of the worst devastation our world has ever seen.

Luckily, these incredible heroes didn't forget to save the helpless, judging by our top six survival stories of 2017

What was your favorite rescue story of 2017? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Top 6 Natural Disaster Animal Survival Stories of 2017