6 of the Best Pet Stairs for the Adventurous Little Guys

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
pet stairs

1, 2, 3 and jump! Oops, not again. 

Never watch your pet struggle to climb onto the couch again. Although it's adorable to see them try so hard, these pet stairs will make the process of hopping up and cuddling much easier.

We have gone ahead and provided you with a list of some of the best pet steps to give them easy access to higher places. Some are great for bigger dogs who might just be getting old and may be experiencing arthritis while others are made to support smaller dogs and cats. Either way you have it, these steps will have your pet sleeping soundly on the bed in no time.

1. Pet Stairs 3 Steps Stairs Small Dog Cat Steps 

pet stairs

This best-seller is great for small dogs and cats up to 20 pounds. The removable washable cover allows for easy clean-up and they stand just over a foot tall.

Get these dog steps now for $17.00.

2. Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs

pet steps

This amazon best-seller is popular for its safety side rails and is ideal for medium to smaller-sized dogs. Although lightweight, these steps can hold up to an 120-pound pet.

Shop it now for just $25.99.

3. Etna Plastic Folding Pet Steps

pet stepsThese steps are great for traveling and storing! They fold up so if you plan to travel with your pup you can easily pack it up and then use it when you get to your destination.

Get these pet steps for just $28.50.

4. Dallas Manufacturing Co. Home Décor Pet Steps

pet stairs These steps are available in three or four steps and include a tote handle so you can easily move it around the house. These lightweight steps are cushioned for comfortable climbing and can hold up to 200 pounds.

These stairs are available for $41.99.

5. Animal Planet Wooden Pet Stairs

pet stairsI'd say these steps are designed for the decorative pet owners. The stairs are made of a gorgeous wood with built-in carry handles so you can move it around whenever you need. Each step is lined with fabric to protect the paws as well as avoid slips and falls.

The folding design allows for easy storing and it only costs you $49.99.

6. Majestic Pet Black Links Pet Stairs

pet stairs
These fun printed stairs come in a variety of colors from yellow and blue to red and gray.

The steps are made of high density foam and only cost $50.35.

We hope we have helped in the process of getting your pet up on the couch safe and sound for cuddles and love!

Do you think your dog or cat could benefit from these stairs? Tell us in the comments below!  

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6 of the Best Pet Stairs for the Adventurous Little Guys