6 of the Fanciest Cat Collars That Will Prove Your Feline Royalty

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
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I have to scratch my claws at noon but first, I have tea with the Queen. 

If your cat doesn't already think they are royalty, these rhinestone-embellished collars will definitely change that. Your cat(s) will be sitting high on their throne (whichever elevated surface in your home they have claimed) looking adorable in some of the cutest collars.

With collars consisting of rhinestones and crowns, others with pearls, and of course the suitable bow tie, your cat will look and play the part.

1. Meow Town Nylon with Rhinestones Cat Collar

cat collar This collar is fancy and safe all at the same time.

Make your cat feel like royalty with this breakaway collar for just $13.00.

2. BINGPET Adjustable Cat Collar

rhinestone collar

Talk about doing the most.

This bling is quite the statement piece and is available for just $8.99 in a variety of colors.

3. Couture Designer Fancy Cute Feather Bling Rhinestone Bow Tie 

rhinestone bow collar


This collar keeps it simple with a plain leather band while it allows the bow to do all of the talking.

This collar comes in a few different colors such as black and red and is available for just $10.99.


4. PAWZ Road 2 Rows Pet Necklace Cat Collar 


This collar is the ultimate statement piece. There is honestly nothing more fancy or classy than these adorable pearls.

Shop these collars now for only $7.98.

5. BINGPET Rhinestone Bow Tie Cat Breakaway Collar With Bell

bow tie collar

We've got a sophisticated cat on our hands.

Suit up your kitty with this bow tie collar for just $9.99.

6. PUPTECK Breakaway Cat Collar Rhinestone Bowtie

rhinestone bow collarHere's another collar that is safe and sure to impress!

This breakaway color is precious and only costs $7.99.

We all know what a fine piece of jewelry can do to us humans. Treat your cat no differently by surprising them with one of these beautiful and fun embellished collars.

Do you have a favorite collar? Tell us in the comments below! 

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6 of the Fanciest Cat Collars That Will Prove Your Feline Royalty