6 New Puppy Recruits Are Ready to Start Veteran Therapy Training

Posted by Amber King
golden retriever puppies sleeping at airport
Image Source: Facebook/Puppy Jake Foundation

The Des Moines International Airport had six special visitors this week when the newest recruits from Puppy Jake Foundation arrived in town for training.

The group of eight-week-old Golden Retrievers traveled from Florida to Iowa as the first step in their mission to become highly-trained service dogs.

Puppy Jake Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to providing wounded combat veterans with outstanding service dogs. Their recruits are placed in homes where they work with their new owners to offer assistance and companionship, and it's all accomplished thanks to donations and volunteers.

OMG. Heading to airport

Posted by Puppy Jake Foundation on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The newest batch of puppies will complete 20 months of training that will include socialization, obedience, and specialized skill training.

At the end of the program, they'll be awarded the title of official service dog and go on to make positive differences in the lives of their new families.

Posted by Puppy Jake Foundation on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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But before they could start their training, the fluffy puppies had to make it through their first plane ride. Despite the obvious concerns about herding a group of playful puppies through crowds of people and keeping them calm during a long plane ride, Puppy Jake Foundation volunteers reported all the puppies did well.

They said on Facebook;

"Puppies arrived safely in Des Moines after a long day--they ALL did terrific and barely a sound from them! Training to become a service dog for a wounded veteran begins!"

Posted by Puppy Jake Foundation on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The future service dogs traveled in style with their very own luggage and hung out at the gate while they waited to board their flight. They snuggled with their favorite toys and drew attention everywhere they went. Puppy Jake Foundation CEO, Becky Beach, told WHOTV:

"It was very difficult to get through the airport cause they're so darn cute, but we had lots of fun and actually had a great opportunity to share the mission of what we do at Puppy Jake Foundation."

Posted by Puppy Jake Foundation on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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Everyone wanted to stop and say hi to the adorable group, and the puppies got a head start on socialization by meeting new people. They'll start their new journey and be well on their way to becoming proud examples of what Puppy Jake Foundation is all about.

To learn more about what Puppy Jake Foundation does, visit their website.

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