6 Fly Masks to Protect Your Horse from Harmful Bug Bites

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
Image of a horse in the pen, wearing a netted fly mask.

Don't let your horse fall victim to pestering bugs! 

Fly masks are crucial in protecting your horse's eyes while they are out to pasture.

With it being such a simple accessory to buy, we know it can seem overwhelming when choosing the the right one. That is why we gathered some fly masks that will perfect for your horse's needs.

From masks that let the ears breathe to others with a longer nose for more protection, we are sure you will find just what you need.

1. Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask No Ears or Nose 

horse fly mask

This number-one rated mask is suggested by most equine experts and designed to reach the maximum level of comfort. It is soft and flexible to ensure the perfect fit and is extremely durable. This protects your horse's eyes from the sun as well.

This mask is priced from $14.89 to $27.99.

2. Roma Stretch Bug Eye Saver With Ears

fly mask

Protect your horse with this mask, designed to fit snug while the mesh eye covers give room for the lashes. The mesh eyes allows clear visibility while also protecting from harmful bug bites.

Get this now starting at just $10.69.

3. Prairie Horse Supply Horse Fly Mask

horse fly mask

Perfect for the barn or out to graze, this face mask is made from the highest quality material and is sure to get the job done.

You can adjust this fly mask for optimal fit and it only costs $15.89.

4. Noble Outfitters Guardsman No Ear Fly Mask

horse fly mask

This no-ear fly mask is another fly mask that gives your horse more room to breathe while also protecting them from harmful bugs. The mask is also great for keeping the sun from hurting your horse's eyes.

Get this mask starting at $24.95.

5. Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Mask with Ears

horse fly mask

This fly mask is similar to the Cashel mask from earlier but this one has ear covers as well. It all depends on what your horse is comfortable with, and Cashel provides plenty of options for that purpose.

Get this mask starting at $18.41.

6. Horseware Rambo Plus Fly Mask

horse fly mask

This fly mask is perfect for combating flies and other bugs. This will also keep those harsh UV rays at bay while protecting your horse's eyes.

This fly mask is unique for its detachable nose guard (horse muzzles can get sunburned too!), and it costs $40.00.

There are plenty to choose from here, however it is important to pick the mask that meets your horses' needs.

Have fly masks helped your horses in the past? Tell us in the comments below! 

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6 Fly Masks to Protect Your Horse from Harmful Bug Bites