6 Fall Activities Your Dog Doesn't Want to Miss Out On

Posted by Amber King
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Fall fun is for everyone--and that includes the dog.

From pumpkins and leaf piles to football and trick-or-treating, fall is full of fun things to do with your dog. While you're busy making seasonal plans, don't forget to include the furriest member of the family. Bringing them with you will help improve their socialization skills, and you'll both bond over your shared love all things fall.

Here are six fall activities to do with your dog!

1. Pick Pumpkins

dog in pumpkin patch

Call up your local pumpkin patches and ask about their pet policies. Most agricultural-based businesses are glad to welcome four-legged customers into their fields. Let your pup use their sniffer at dog-friendly pumpkin farms to pick out the perfect specimen for a future jack-o-lantern.

Pumpkin picking is even more fun with a pooch in tow! Apple picking is also a fun activity in cooler weather. Call ahead to ensure the apple orchard allows dogs.

2. Eat Pumpkins

dog eating pumpkin treats

While you have pumpkin on the brain, don't forget pumpkin puree is a healthy treat for your dog. It's loaded with fiber to help doggy digestion, but your pup will be more interested in how good it tastes.

Whip up some special pumpkin dog treats or put a few spoonfuls of the canned stuff mixed with dog food.

3. Go Hiking

Beautiful young couple on a walk in autumn forest

Fall is the perfect time of year to take your pooch hiking. The weather is cool enough you don't have to worry about them overheating, and the changing leaves are a beautiful backdrop. Find a forested area near you and plan your trip for when the colorful leaves are the most vibrant on hiking trails.

Your mostly-color-blind best friend might not appreciate the leaves as much as you do, but they'll still have fun enjoying the great outdoors.

4. Make a Leaf Pile

puppy in leafpile

Instead of thinking of seasonal yard work as a chore, think of all the fun you and your dog will have romping through the leaves. Dogs love leaf piles, and they like them even more when their humans join in on the fun.

It might delay cleanup, but a leaf pile jumping competition with your furry friend will be worth it.

5. Practice for the NFL

dog playing with football

Fall means football season. When you're done cheering on your team, challenge your pup to some backyard competition. They'll love the chance to play with you one-on-one, and you might be surprised by their skill.

Make it two-hand-touch to keep your star player in the game and off the injury list.

6. Go Trick-or-Treating

Cute dog Trick-or-treatingIf your dog doesn't get spooked by kids dressed in costume, consider taking them trick-or-treating with the family. It'll be like going on a walk but much more fun. There are even certain businesses that host doggy trick-or-treat nights. Pick out an adorable costume and hit the sidewalk.

Many towns and cities also have a puppy costume contest or a dog parade where your four-legged-friend can strut their stuff in their Halloween costumes.

Remember to consider your pup's personality before dragging them along on your fun fall adventures. You want them to have as much fun as possible, and that means not pressuring them to do something they're not interested in. But if your pup is always up for something new, there's no reason they should miss out on fall fun.

Do you have any fun fall dog-friendly activities to add to the list? Let us know in the comments.

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6 Fall Activities Your Dog Doesn't Want to Miss Out On