6 Facts About Valegro, the King of Equestrian Dressage

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Secrets from behind the stall door of the equine superstar, Valegro.

Few horses are as well known as the dressage superstar, Valegro. A bay Dutch Warmblood gelding, Valegro has been setting the bar in dressage since his first Grand Prix event in 2011. His early achievements include winning the 2011 FEI World Cup Grand Prix and the 2012 World Cup freestyle, as well as a team gold medal and individual gold medal during the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Valegro won the FEI World Cup again in 2015, and most recently finished out the Rio Olympics with not one but two individual gold medals, setting a new Olympic dressage score of 93.857 in the Grand Prix Freestyle.

Everyone knows he's awesome, but here are a few facts we bet you didn't know.

He's a Taurus.

Fourteen years old, Valegro was born on May 7, 2002. His sire is the great Negro, and his dam is Maifleur.

The Horse Rider's Journal
The Horse Rider's Journal

He competes for Great Britain.

Along with his rider Charlotte Dujardin, Valegro has twice been a part of Great Britain's Olympic team, and brought back gold medals both times.


Food is important to him.

Valegro loves food, and he's named after food, too. Around the barn, he is called Blueberry.

He's a champion, not a goody-goody.

As Charlotte told Horse And Hound, if Valegro were a human he would be very independent and fairly smart, but not a geek or goody-goody. In fact, when you groom him he immediately has to roll and get dirty again!

He's been immortalized in fancy plastic.

In December of 2015 Breyer released a model Valegro, which features him performing an elegant canter pirouette.


His gold medal performance at the Rio Olympics may have been his last.

"That's part of the reason it's so emotional for me," Dujardin said in an interview with The Chronicle Of The Horse.

"There's not going to be another Olympics, or another championship. He's a horse of a lifetime--a legend. When you write what he's achieved and read it, it doesn't seem possible. I owe it to him to finish at the top, and for everyone to remember him that way."

No doubt Valegro will be missed by his fans, but the memories he gave us will last forever.

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6 Facts About Valegro, the King of Equestrian Dressage