6 Dog-Friendly Activities and Attractions in the State of Vermont

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Traveling with your dog can sometimes be difficult. But not in Vermont!

If you plan on traveling to Vermont, you need not worry! Overall, a very dog-friendly state, Vermont offers quite a few options for traveling pups.

Many main attractions are dog-friendly. Places like Church Street in Burlington, a large open air pedestrian shopping and dining mall, allow dogs. This makes grabbing a bite to eat with friends and pups a breeze!

Burlington, Vermont

The mountains of Vermont are a great venue for outdoor adventure. Most outdoor parks and trails are dog-friendly. Whether you would rather grab a bite and drink with friends or spend some quality time in the great outdoors, Vermont awaits!

Here are six dog-friendly activities in the Green Mountain State!

1. Dog Chapel, St. Johnsbury

Dog Chapel is a memorial to dogs that we've loved and lost. The chapel sits on Dog Mountain, which is a large off-leash dog park. There are trails to hike and a pond for pups to splash in.

Dog Chapel in Vermont
Samantha Bubar

Inside the chapel the walls are lined with hundreds of notes and pictures. The guestbook confirms that people travel from all over the world to visit, and leave a note to their beloved pets. The views are beautiful, especially in the fall, and dogs have a blast.

2. Hiking

Vermont isn't called the Green Mountain State for no reason! With mountains, comes an abundance of hiking trails. Regardless of location, there is a dog-friendly trail near you. There are hikes for all skill levels as well.

hiking with dog in Vermont
Samantha Bubar

Spruce Mountain in Plainfield is a great hike for dogs of all sizes. Red Rock Park in Burlington is mostly flat, and has beautiful views of Lake Champlain. If you would prefer a leisurely walk, most bike paths also allow dogs, as long as they are leashed.

3. Magic Hat Brewery, South Burlington

If you love checking out local beers, Magic Hat should be a stop on your trip! Dogs are allowed to accompany you on the self-guided brewery tour.

Magic Hat Brewery in Vermont

This gives you an opportunity to do some sightseeing, while your pooch tags along pretending they're doing human things with their very best friend.

4. Off-Leash Dog Parks

Vermont loves off-leash dog parks. Many trails and designated parks are off-leash. Most labeled bike paths require that your dog be on a leash for safety. But there are often fields for your dog to romp in off of those paths.

dogs in grass

Most dog parks also have special areas for smaller dogs that might be a little timid around big dogs. Vermonters really care about the happiness of your pooch.

5. Campgrounds

With the abundance of wilderness comes camping! And with camping, comes dogs! As long as you are prepared to camp in a campsite, or do some backpacking on your own, dogs are almost always welcome.

camping with dog in Vermont

Make sure however, that you are prepared to camp with a dog. Be it in a tent, a lean-to, or out in the open, dogs have special needs when spending long periods of time outdoors; especially if your pooch is used to sleeping on the bed, couch, or your clean laundry.

Vermont is a very pet-friendly state. It isn't uncommon to see people with dogs just about everywhere. You can also check with small hotels, as well as big chain hotels, to see if they accommodate to pets. Some hotels have a pet fee, but will gladly welcome your four-legged friend.

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6 Dog-Friendly Activities and Attractions in the State of Vermont