6 Cat Tents for Your Feline to Hide Away In

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
cat tent
My Market Pet Teepee Bed 

Home is where you pitch your cat's tent.

Your cat is most likely like any other cat. They love to cuddle when they want, while the rest of the time they are hiding to be unbothered.

If this is your cat, then these cat tents will make for the perfect hideaway spots. From cute teepees for your home to tents you can travel with, this list has got it covered.

1. Trendy Pet Cat Tent with Attached Cat Scratcher

cat tent

A scratch pad and a cushioned hiding spot? Yes please!

Create a comfortable home for your cat and snag this adorable tent for just $30.50.

2. My Market Pet Teepee Bed 

cat teepee

It's a real-life teepee! Show your cat some adventure with this portable cat tent and bed.

Shop this one for just $39.99, but there are other patterns to choose from!

3. PAWZ Road Pet Cat Bed

cat tent

This simple tent is perfect for your cat to rest in or roll around in.

Get this cute home addition for just $9.99.

4. BestPet Cat Tent Play Pen

cat tent

This playpen-style cat tent is great for keeping your pet enclosed at home or when outdoors. Take it with you on your next outing and bring Mr. Whiskers, too!

This portable tent is available for just $25.99.

5. Marshall Small Pet Camping Set

cat tent set

This camping set is not only useful for providing your cat a hideaway spot. It allows them to have the best camping experience possible.

It comes with a sleeping bag and hat for the full experience and is available for just $19.99

6. VIILER Pet House Tent 

cat tent set

This fun printed tent is adorable and comes in a few colors to match your cat's personality. Gift them the ability to shield themselves when the kitty world becomes too much with the drop-down curtain.

This tent is just $18.99 and comes in two other colors, pink and yellow.

Your cat will love anything it can rest in by itself. Just make sure that your cat tent is stylish with the right amount of room for snuggles and play!

Are you thinking about getting your pet a little home to play in? Tell us in the comments below! 

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6 Cat Tents for Your Feline to Hide Away In