6 Animal Related Christmas Movies to Help Celebrate the Holidays

Posted by Allie Layos
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Christmas movies help get us in the holiday spirit.

And the animal lover in you is in luck, as there are a number of great animal related Christmas movies to enjoy during the holiday season. From dogs to donkeys to even reindeer, pets of all sorts are represented in these feel-good films.

Here are six Christmas movies you can buy on Amazon where animals take a leading role:

1. "Beethoven's Christmas Adventure"

Beethoven's Christmas Adventure

Released in 2011, this family film follows the adventures of Beethoven, a gigantic, lovable Saint Bernard. It begins when a Christmas elf accidentally crash lands Santa's sleigh in a small town and loses his magic toy bag. Beethoven must help the elf recover the bag from greedy crooks and return the sleigh in time for Christmas.

2. "I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown"

I Want A Dog For Christmas Charlie Brown

Nearly everyone is familiar with the classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas." But this 2003 movie is even better because it's about dogs! It centers around Linus and Lucy's younger brother Rerun, who desperately wants a dog for Christmas. And Snoopy's brother Spike may just be the answer. Time with the Peanuts always warms the heart.

3. "Prancer"


This often forgotten film is as heartwarming today as it was when it was first released in 1989. When a farm girl finds and rescues an injured reindeer she believes to be one of Santa's, she must work to heal him in time for Christmas, defying the skepticism of the entire community.

4. "Snow Buddies"

Snow Buddies

Everyone loves "Air Bud," the sports-playing Golden Retriever. The 2008 spin-off "Snow Buddies" begins when five puppies follow an ice cream transport truck onto a plane and end up in Alaska, where they make another puppy friend and meet a boy who happens to need five dogs for a big race. 

5. "The Small One"

The Small One
Disney Wikia

An often overlooked Disney classic, this adorable 1978 animated film is about a young boy and his beloved donkey, who has grown too old to be useful. When the boy's father insists that the donkey must be sold since he can't earn his keep, the boy asks to sell the donkey himself, so that he can choose his new owners. However, the boy has no luck until one night when a young man approaches him needing a donkey to carry his wife to Bethlehem.

6. "The Search for Santa Paws"

The Search For Santa Paws

This 2010 Disney film features Santa Claus and his new best friend, a puppy named Paws. When they discover that the children of the world have lost the Christmas spirit, they take a trip to New York City. But when Santa loses his memory, Paws and a handful of new friends must band together to save him and show the world the true meaning of Christmas.


Grab a blanket and a snack (and maybe some tissues) and settle in for an enjoyable Christmas vacation filled with snow, magic, and best of all, animals.

What's your favorite animal related Christmas movie? Share your thoughts below.

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6 Animal Related Christmas Movies to Help Celebrate the Holidays