5th Grade Class Makes Heartwarming Contribution to Texas Dog Rescue

Posted by Allie Layos
Dallas DogRRR
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This Texas dog rescue got the greatest gift from some kids in Colorado.

Dallas DogRRR is a large dog rescue, which works to rescue and rehabilitate dogs and reform the community. Not only do they rescue abandoned dogs off the streets, but they also rescue dogs who are set to be euthanized at high-kill shelters.

Although Dallas DogRRR is located in Dallas, Texas, the rescue recently received a very special donation from a group over 700 miles away.

On November 25, Dallas DogRRR made this post on its Facebook page thanking the 5th grade class at Chinook Trail Elementary School in Colorado Springs for their fundraising efforts.

😍😍❤️ WOW!!! ❤️😍😍About a week ago, we received a very special donation from a 5th grade class from school in Colorado...

Posted by Dallas DogRRR - Rescue.Rehab.Reform on Saturday, November 25, 2017

The donation totaled $443, and according to a note that was submitted along with the money, every bit of the donation was collected thanks to the children.

The note read:

"Our fifth grade students at Chinook Trail Elementary (Colorado Springs, CO) were incredibly inspired by the many heroic efforts your organization has made towards saving the lives of animals. They organized persuasive writing projects and found reading resources to encourage others to support your organization and efforts. Every penny collected was donated by these kids, or their younger counterparts, who gave based on the compelling arguments our students made for your organization. Thank you for the incredible work you do."

The Facebook post garnered a lot of attention, including 500 likes and 35 shares over just two days. Many readers took to the comments section to praise the 5th graders for their hard work as well.

One commenter, Rania Craddock, stated that she was their teacher, and that the kids "were determined to be the change they wished to see in the world."

"I am humbled and inspired - each day - by the kindness, acceptance and generosity they demonstrate towards others. These children are already making our world a better place! I can't wait to share your post with them!!!!!!"

If these 5th graders are any indication of today's youth, dogs and pets of all kinds can rest a little easier. They are in good hands.

What do you think of the efforts of these 5th graders? Share your thoughts below.

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5th Grade Class Makes Heartwarming Contribution to Texas Dog Rescue